The Derby Mercury Wednesday July 9th 1851
William Spendlove,23 charged with having on the 5th of may last at Crich,stolen two half-crowns,and other pieces of coin ,shillings and sixpences the prperty of Chas. Mold .-----Mr Adams for the prosecution;Mr Manson for the defence.-----Robert Lesson who is in the employ of Charles Mold and others,at Crich Coal Warf,on the 5th of May left the machine-house to go to dinner at 12 o,clock,and saw the money safe in the drawer when he went out;there were two half-crowns and the rest in shillings and sixpences.When he returned he saw that his desk had been broken open and an iron stone drill,which was left,fitted to a hairs breath.On that same morning he heard prisoner say to his uncle he had not a farthing.----By Mr Manson--- Our ????? is about 30 yards from the machine-house .I met the prisoner between Whatstandwell-bridge and Alderwadsley.I was present at the time of prisoner,s apprehension,and he had some groceries and tobacco in his possession.I challenged the prisoner with taking the money,and he said I might do my worst and put my best in my pocket.He also said that because we did not see him take the money we could have no hold upon him.---George Shardlow,was next called,but his replies were totally unintelligible from a defect in his voice,and as he was deaf,the last witness was allowed to act as interpreter.His evidence was to the effect that the prisoner came into the machine-house whilst Lesson was gone to dinner and asked him (Shardlow) to go and look if a boat was coming up.He did so and on his return in about two minutes he saw prisoner coming out of the machine-room.Isaac Jackson a little boy,went to the warf for some coal on the 5th of May prisoner came into their shop and bought some sugar,tea and tobacco.This was about 12 o,clock.----The learned CHAIRMAN here interfered ,and thought the case was not sufficiently strong to go before the jury;and the jury,in answer to an inquiry from him said they should return a verdict of acquital.