The WILL of MARGERY SPENDLOVE of SHOTTLE 1628 transcribed from original at Lichfield Joint Records Office.

In the name of God Amen the of May Anno domini 1628. I Margery Spendlove of Shottle in the parish of Duffield in the County of Darbie, widowe, being waeke in bodie but whole in mynde and of perfect remembrance thanks be to God for the same doe constitute ordeyne and make this my Testament wherein is conteyned my last will in manner and forme following:


I give and bequeath my soule to almightie God my maker and redemer and my bodie to be buryed in the parish Churchyard of Duffeld neare to the place where my late husband John Spendlove was buried. And as touching all my worldlie goods, chattels and cattell whatsover, I will they be disposed as followeth.

First: I give and bequeth to my Father Nicholas Renold 20 shillings and to my three sisters every one of them 3s.4d. and to my brother 10s.

Item: I give and bequeath to my sister Anne my best peticoate but one, one whyte wastcoate and one band [neck ruff], to my sister Mary one band and medley [motley,variety of colours or materials] wastcoate, and to my sister Elizabeth my best band but one and one aperne [apron].

Item:I give and bequeath to my daughter Mary my best peticoate, my best band and my best hatt and my second hatt, one ticke boulster, one pillowe beare [case] and two wastcoate and my best bodies [bodice] and my two gownes to my elder sonnes to make cloathes of, and seaven yards of tufted stuffe to my daughter and my youngest sonne to make them cloathes of, and to my daughter Mary my cloake.

Item: I give and bequeath to Margery Woodruffe my worst coate and my worst coate and my worst hatt, and to Margaret Fowne my russett coate, and to the two eldest sonnes of Henry Spencer 6d. And whereas I owe to my brother that now dwelleth with me 20s. of his wages my mynde and will is that itt shall be payde him within one moneth next after my decease by my executor, and the rest of my legacies which I have bequeathed.

Item: My will is that my two younger children shall have tenne pounds more than my other two children according as was appoynted by my husbands will equally betwixt them to be taken out of my whole goods within one yeare next after my decease and to be putt out by my executor for there best use and to payde them when they shall accomplish there age of one and twenty yeares with all such increase and benefitt as may be made thereof. And all the rest of my goods and Chattells and Cattell whatsover unbequeathed my debtes legacies and funerall expenses being first payde, I give and bequeath to my foure children equally amongst them. And my will and desire is that my children may continue and be brought upp of this my living I now live of till they shall come to yeares of discrecion and that itt may be husbanded and used for theire best good by my executor towards the increase and bettering of there porcions. Item: I give and bequeath to my servant Elizabeth Freeman 12 pence. Also I constitute, ordeyne and make Anthony Thacker of Shottle in the county of Derbie,husbandman, my true and lawfull executor of this my will and Testament hopeing that hee will be carefull of my children.And William Gamble of Ashleyhey and Ralph Varney of Shottle
supervisors of the same.

In wittnes thereof I have hereinunto sett my hand the day and yeare first above written.

Witnesses hereof: Henry Spencer. Robert Spencer.

Debts which I owe:

To Anthony Thacker 14 shillings

To my brother 20 shillings

To my brother more which he payde for royst 5 shillings 4 pence

( "royst" is very obscure. The best I can come up with is an

obsolute rendering of "roast)

Debts which are owinge mee:

Ralph Varney 5 shillings

John Spencer 12 pence

Jane Scragge 6 pence

Mary Potter 5 pence

Probate of the above written testament and administration of the goods of the deceased to the within nominated Anthony Thacker granted by Master Benjamin Bentham Vicar of Duffield

John, Anthony, Richard and Mary, children of the deceased are declared to be minors and their tuition also granted to Anthony Thacker, husbandman of Shottle, Derby. Charles Twysden

The INVENTORY of MARGERY SPENDLOVE of SHOTTLE 1628 transcribed September Anno Dominini 1628. And in the year of our Soveraigne Lord Charles by the Grace of God of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, kynge, defender of the fayth etc.. And praysed [appraised] by Luke Vallance, William
Gamble, Nicholas Wilson and John Holmes as followeth viz:-

Imprimis: her apparell, her purse with money therin 50s

Item: three chaffe bedds, four coverleets, two blanketts, four paire of sheets, seaven old boulsters pillowes 40s

Item: three bedsteeds 4s

Item: one coffer, two little arks [dome topped chests], one kimnell [wooden tub], one kneading trough and shelves in the house 15s

Item: one highborde or table, one fourme, one fourme, one bench, one Cupborde, and one dishbourde [dresser] 13-4d

Item: brass and pewter and one old frying pan 26s

Item: loomes,kitts [small tubs] dishes with all other suchlike woodden ware 6-8d

Item: one landeiron, one fireshovell, a paire of tongues, a paire of rakinteles [vertical ironbar for suspending pots over the fire] a paire of pot hooks with all other iron ware in the house 6-6d

Item plowes, yokes, harrows, and all other husbandry ware 15-6d

Item two sadles with horse geares 11s

Item bacon att the roofe, butter, cheese and corne in the house 40s

Item one Windowe sheete with sackes and baggs 16s

Item a straw hamper, wiskets [straw baskets] with some woole and hempe 10s

Item one and twenty sheepe 4-10-0

Item four kyne [cows] and two weaning calves 12- 0-0

Item two bullocks 7-10-0

Item one heiffer & three steirkes [young bullocks] 5-17-0

Item two horses 5- 0-0

Item two swyne 33-4d

Item Corne and haye 24- 0-0

Item Meaner [manure] 6-8d

Item Debts oweing to her att her decease 34 pounds

Item things omitted and forgotten 12d

Sum total 75 pounds 6 six shillings

(The arithmetic is wrong. The correct total is: 75 pounds 9 shillings and 5 pence)
And the said Margery owed att her decease 6-12 3d

Not only is the arithmetic wrong but between the will in May of 1628 and her death in September of the same year her debts had increased from 1 pound 19 shillings and 4 pence to
6 pounds 12 shillings and 3 pence. Perhaps she bought more hats?

This Will was professionally transcribed by:-

 Valerie Lacy BA,.Dip Archive Admin.
 The Cooper's Cottage
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