The Last Will and Testament of George Spendlove of Shottle
Proved at Derby on the 22nd day of October 1869.

Transcribed from Will books located at Matlock Records Office

This is the last Will and Testament of me George Spendlove of Shottle in the County of Derby.Farmer.made the sixteenth day of October One thousand eight hundred and sixty two I appoint my friend Thomas Spendlove of the Crow Trees in the Township of Shottle aforesaid Farmer and my son Isaac Spendlove of Shottle aforesaid Farmer Trustees and Executors of this my Will .I direct that all my just debts funeral and testamentary Expences and the cost of proving this my Will shall be paid as soon as conveniently may be after my decease out of my personal Estate And subject thereto I give and bequeath all my live and dead farming stock implements of husbandry,tenant rights,household furniture,plate ,linin,china beds bedding books and all other my effects and property being in and upon the farms occupied by me in Shottle aforesaid and Alderwadsley in the said County of Derby as tennant to the Duke of Devonshire and Francis Hurt Esquire,and also all moneys and securities for money and all other my personal Estate and Effects whatsoever unto my said Executors.Upon Trust to permit and suffer my dear wife Hannah Spendlove to recieve the interest profits and proceeds of all moneys and securities for money and to have the enjoyment and use of all other my personal Estate and Effects for and during the term of her natural life or Widowhood.And I respectively recommend her to my said Landlords as the future tenant of the said farms.And I direct that immediately after my decease an inventory and valuation of all my estate and effects shall be made and a copy Thereof kept by each of my said Executors And from and after the decease or second marriage of my said wife (my son George being already amply provided for)I give and bequeath the said farming stock and all and singular the effects bequeathed to my said wife as aforesaid (except ready money and securities for money)Unto my son Isaac Spendlove his executors administrators and assigns.And I charge my said personal Estate and Effects so given and bequeathed to my said Son Isaac with the payment by him thereof of the sum of Three hundred pounds towards the respective shares and legacies hereinafter given and bequeathed by me to my children and grandchildren hereinafter mentioned.All the rest residue and remainder of my personal Estate effects and property including the said sum of Three hundred pounds hereinafter by me charged on that part of my personal estate bequeathed to my said son Isaac)I give and bequeath after my said Wifes deceased and sercond marriage (except the sum of Two hundered pounds hereinafter bequeathed to my three grandchildren William Flint James Flint and Hannah Flint unto and equally between and amongst my children hereinafter mentioned(within twelve months after the decease or second marriage of my said wife)that is to say Mary Ann the wife of JohnDeauville of Shirland near Alfreton,in the said County of Derby,Farmer Hannah the wife of Silence ? Berkin of Shardlow in the said County of Derby ,Gardener Sarah Spendlove Elizabeth the wife of the said Thomas Spendlove ,Lucy the Wife of William Spendlove of Tansley in the said County of Derby, Farmer and Susannah the wife of Henry Hole of Dairy Wood near Shottle aforesaid ,Farmer and their respective Executors administrators and assigns.I give and bequeath unto my two grandsons William Flint and James Flint the sum of Fifty pounds each and to my granddaughter Hannah Flint the sum of One hundred pounds to be paid them as they shall respectively attain the age of twenty one years with all interest which shall accrue due in the meantime on their respective legacies with power nevertheless for my said Executors to apply any portion of the increase of each of their legacies or the Capitol towards their respective maintenance Education and advancement in life during their minoritory.And it is my Will that the Bequests hereby made by me to such of my children and grandchildren as shall be females shall be for their sole seperate and exclusive use and benefit and shall not be in any manner subject to the debts entered or engagements of their respective parent or any future husbands and that their reciepts alone (notwithstanding coventure)for all moneys paid thereto under the trusts hereof shall be good and valid discharges for all purposes whatsoever I give and bequeath all Estates which at the time of my decease shall be vested in me upon any trusts by way of mortgagevand of which I have powers to dispose of by this my Will with their respective rights and appurtenances unto my Trustees and Executors the said Thomas Spendlove and Isaac Spendlove and their heirs executors administrators and assignes Upon the trust and subject to the equities which shall at the time of my decease be subsisting and capable of taking effect I declare that my trustees and Executors for the time being of any or either of them shall not be answerable or accountable for any involuntary loss of in any of my Trust moneys or property ,nor for the missapplication or overapplication there of Benefit the same shall happen through their or his wilful acts or defaults and that they shall not be answerable or accountable for the acts of each other.But each of them for his own willful acts and defaults only ,and that they may retain their respective Trust and Executorship Expenses.I revoke all former Wills by me at any time made and do declare this to be my last Will and Testament In witness whereof I have to each sheet of this my Will the whole is contained on three sheets of paper subscribed my name the day and year above written.

George Spendlove

Signed by the said Testator George Spendlove and by him acknowledged to be his last Will and Testament in the presence of us ,present at the same time ,who in his presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscibed our names as witnesses.

Edward Ley Greaves.Solicitor Belper.

George Potter Labourer Shottle

Proved at Derby the 22nd day of October 1869 By the Oathes of Thomas Spendlove,and Isaac Spendlove the Son,the Executors to whom administration was granted.

The Testator George Spendlove was late of Shottle in the County of Derby Farmer and died on the 26th day of April 1869 at Shottle aforesaid.

Effects under £4000

Extracted by Edward Ley Greaves Solicitor ,Belper