Geoffrey Spendlove 1545 will transcribed from original at Lichfield Joint Records Office.

In the name of god Amen. on the 9th day of December and in the yere of our lord god 1545 I Gefforey Spendluffe seke [sick] in body and sond in mynd and remembrances [good memory] make my last wyll and testament in this manner form that felawus [follows]. The fyrst I bequithe my soul to god allmyghty and
our lady Saynt Mary and to All the Sayntes in Hevin and my bodye to be beryed in the church yerd of Saynt Alkmond at Duffield.

ITEM  I bequethe to my mother church Saynt Chadde hours [house] of lychfeld [Lichfield Cathedral, Stafford] two pence

ITEM  I woll that my sonnes shall not meddell with no bedding in my hows bot that schall plese ther mother to gyffe them

ITEM  I bequethe to eyther of my doughters a bodde [bed]

ITEM  I bequethe to Jamys [James] a fatte [vat] a dyschebord [dresser for displaying dishes] a halmare [an almery, cupboard] and a bynke [bunk] and these be eyrlomes. [heirlooms]

ITEM  I gyffe him a great harke [chest] and a bord [table]

ITEM  I bequethe to Jamys my sone the better of my horssus [horses] for his peyne takyng in my exacturschype [executor-ship] and for to have no other parte of guddes.

ITEM  I do make my exseccuturs Mowde [Maude] my Wyffe and Jamys my son for to forfyll thys my last Wyll. The resydue of my guddes unbequithe I Woll they schuld be delt among my chylder [children] that been with me.

Thes beyng Wyttenes  [witness]:  John Wynttar, John Dowghty, William Borgon and Nycolas Brandyron wyth other moe  [with others].

Geoffrey’s will was probated in Lichfield on July 5th.1546, seven months after it was drawn during the last years of the reign of Henry VIII.  He probably knew that was dying, "seke in body", and did not want to die intestate.

Innvitone mayd of the guddes of Gefforey Spendluffe and preyseyd [appraised] by thes iiii Indefferent [uninvolved, not beneficiaries] men that ys to wytt:-  John Wynter, John Wod

 [Wood], Nycolas brandyron, William Burgon.
Imprimis [first]  vi bullokks that draw the plought six pounds

Item: vi keye [cows. misspelling of kyne] three pounds.

Item:vn strykks [bullocks] 26s 8d. Item:  too hold horssus [2 old horses] 13s 4d.

Item:  xxxty schepe [30 sheep] 43s 4d.

Item: a plought, a ox harowe [borrow] and horse harowe that been broken 12 pence.

Item:  ther oxon yokks [yokes] 12 pence.

Item: for howshold stoffe,  pottes,  pannes,  dysches,  doublars  [pewter dishes],  chandellars  [candle sticks]  and salt sellers.   20 shillings.

Item: for beddong, matteres, coverletts, schottes [sheets] and blanketts and all other stoffe 20 shillings.

Item: the sewyng of vi stryke [bushels] of hart-corn [wheat & rye] 6 shillings.

Item: his rayment [clothing] too jakettss, a better and a worse, too dowbletts, too pare of house [hose] a pere of schowes [shoes], bonet & too surtys [over jackets] 10 shillings.

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