The Will of Anthony Spendlove of Shottlepark Derbyshire 1654 .

Transcribed from Perrogative Court of Cantubury Will

located in the Public Records Office.By J.W.Spendlove.

In the Name of God Amen ,

I Anthony Spendlove of Shottlepark in the parish of Duffield and County of Derby yeoman sick in Bodie but of good and perfect memory.Thanks be to God do make and ordain this my last will and Testament in manner and fforme following.And first I give and bequeath my Soule into the Hands of Almightie God the maker and -------------- ---------------- ------------ -------------- -------------- in the -------- of Jesus Christ my Saviour for the pardon of all my sinns.And my Bodie to be buried in the Parish Churchyard of Duffield.And for my Worldlie goods and effects --------- ------------ as followeth.

Vizit.I give and bequeath to John Spendlove my firste Sonne All that my Ffarme chattels by the name of the -----------grounds with all Buildings ,profits and ----------- thats belonging during the ---------- and --------of my Lease,and all my Tenant Right ------------the said John paying the Rent to be due at the first of January next ----------- Also I give unto him my best iron-------- Our ----------- of Iron ------------ ------------Harrow,Our Iron ------Twentie head of Cattol --- and my Barley -----------Also I give and bequeath unto Thomas Spendlove my second son Eighteen pounds to be put with------------- for him until he shall come to One and Twentie years of age.And the Stock and ------ to be payed him.And furthur I give unto him after ffoure years --------------that -------or half of my ffarme wherein I now live for the Time of my Last --------paying the half of the Rent.And after the decease of Lucie Spendlove my now wife.I give all the other half of the aforesaid ffarme unto Thomas and all Tennant right belonging to the same.Also I give and bequeath unto Lucie my beloved wife All my ffarme wherein I now live for the --------- ------------ ----------- next ----- And after that -------- ------------ Then She is to have but the ---half of the ffarme during her life.She paying the our halfe of the Rent.And furthur I give her ffoure Kine and their weaning --- One dunne mare One grey gelding and our halfe of my sheep.Our --- and all my hay and – and all my household goods and my ----- ---------- Except that which I have formily given .And my will and pleasure is that my aforesaid wife shall maintain and love my Three young children for ffoure years after my death with meat Drink Lodging and Aparrell and --- to pay the Rent for the ffarme called ---ground for this year in being.Also I give and bequeathe unto Anne spendlove my first Daughter ffortie pounds To be put unto the best ----and ----untill she shall come to One and Twenty years of age.And then the -------and -------- to be payed her.Also I give and bequeath unto Alice spendlove my youngest Daughter ffortie pounds To be put unto the best ----- -----until She shall come to One and Twentie years of age.And then to be payed her.Also I give unto my Brother Richard spendlove my best suit of Aparrell.Also I give unto Thomas Gamble of shottle,Robert Topley of –atthall and Robert street of Dalley –all of them ffive Shillings.And I do make my Truly wellbeloved friends Lucie spendlove my wife and Thomas Gamble my Brother in Law my true and Lawfull Executors of this my Last will and Testament.And I do give full power and Lawfull authority unto my Executors to Administer of all my goods Cattell and Chattells.The performing and fulfilling All the gifts and Legacies mentioned and specified in this my Last will and testament.And my will and pleasure is that if any of my ffoure children depart this Life before they come to One and Twentie years of Age That then there porcion shall equallie devided amongst the rest what are living.And ---------my loving ffriends Robert Topley of ----atthall and Robert Street of Dalley to be --------of this my Last Will and testament ing them to be Carefull to -------performed according to my desire.And I doe Revoke all former and other wills .I do ---------- ---------- and publish this to be my Last Will and testament.In Witness I have hereunto put my hand and seal This twentieth Day of August One Thousand Six Hundered ffiftie --------- .

Anthony Spendlove his mark---------- ------------in the presence of us Robert Topley ,Edward –iggott his mark Thomas Spenser mark