Dated 21 November 1747.
As copied from original Will located in Lichfield Joint Records Office.

In the name of God Amen I Thomas Spendlove of Shottle Parks in the parish of Duffield and County of Derby being in resonable health of body and of sound and perfect mind and memoryFor which I bless God Do Make and Ordain this my last Will and Testament in Manner and Form Following that is to say First,First and Pricipally I commend my Soul into the Hands of Almighty God hopeing in and thro Jesus Christ to have a Ful and Free pardon For all My Sins and Justification to Eternal Life and My body to the Earth to be Decently buried at the Discretion of my Executors hereafter named and as touching such worldly state as it hath pleased Almighty God to bless me with in this Life I give and bequeath and dispose of as Follows.

Impremis I Do Give and bequeath unto my son Thomas Spendlove one shilling Item I give to my son George Spendlove one shilling.
Also I Do Give to my grandson Anthony Frost one shilling
Also I Give unto my Daughter Mary the Wife of George Hah (Hole?jws) the sum of Fourty pound
Also I Give unto My Daughter Deborah the sum of Fourty pound
Also I Give unto My Daughter Lucy the sum of Fourty pound all which said sums and Legacies I order to be paid by my Executors at the end of one year after my Decease.
Item it is my will and Mind that my Grandson Samuel Spendlove be put to some trade by My Executors hereafter named.
Item All the Rest of Effects Goods Cattle and Chattles whatsoever I Do Give unto My Son Job Spendlove and Do make him Ful and Sole Executor of this My Last Will and testament he paying all my Just Debts and Legacies and I Do hereby Revoke and disanul all and every Former Will and testament by me at any time heretofore Made as Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twenty First Day of November one thousand seven hundered Fourty and seven 1747.

Signed sealed published and declared as the last Will and testament of the above named Thomas Spendlove in the presence of us.
Thomas (his mark x ) Spendlove ( seal )
Samuel Rowland
Dorothy Smedley (her mark x )
William Higton
Derby October 17th 1752
Let a probate of this Will be Granted to Job Spendlove the sole (Written on inside of Will )
Executor .He being sworn before me
Jno Fletcher Thos White sur
Ink Stamp (Nine Pence Quire ) Three embosed stamps of Six Pence
A true Inventory of all the Goods Cattle and Chattles of Thomas Spendlove Late of Shotwell park in the parish of Dufield and county of Derby who Dyed the 14th April and was Buried the 17th Day 1752.
                                                                                                                                    £-s- d
Impremis His purse and Apprel                                                                                    1-10-0
In the House all Fireirnes                                                                                              0-10-0
Seven Cheirs and one ould table                                                                                   0 - 6-6
one ould Clock                                                                                                             1- 1-0
Item All puter and Brass                                                                                               1-14-0
Six trenchers and other Erthen vesels                                                                             0- 1-6
In the parler one bed and one Chest                                                                              1- 4-0
In the Chamber over the parler one bed                                                                         1- 0-0
In the Chamber over the House one Box and one Cheir                                                 0- 2-6
In the Milkhouse two Cits and two Small Barrils                                                            0- 5-6
Four panchans                                                                                                              0- 0-8
Backen and Chees                                                                                                       1-10-0
Curn                                                                                                                            0-16-0
Item All Gers and Tackling                                                                                           0-17-6
One plowe and one Harrow                                                                                         0-15-6
One Cart                                                                                                                      2- 2-6
Three pichforkes and two Rackes                                                                                 0- 2-0
Some Lumber and things omitted                                                                                 0-12-6
Four Red Cows                                                                                                        10-10-0
One Breended finched cow                                                                                         2-10-0
One Black finched Cow                                                                                              2-10-0
Two Bullock Steirs                                                                                                      4- 0-0
One Barren Heffer                                                                                                       2 -0-0
One Bul Stirk                                                                                                               1-5-0
Four Small Stirks                                                                                                        5-15-0
Two Breended Cows                                                                                                  5- 5-0
One White Cow                                                                                                          2- 5-0