Transcribed from original located at Lichfield Joint Records Office

In the name of God Amen The nineteenth day of November in the yeare of our Lord God 1669 I Thomas Spendlove of Shottle Park in the parish of Duffield in the countie of Derby husbandsman being sicklie in body but of good and perfect remembrance praysed be god therefore doe make and ordaine this my last Will and Testament in manner and fforme ffollowinge.Visit.First I bequeathe my soule to Almightie god my maker hopeinge and assuredley __________ to recieve pardon and remission of all my sinns through the _________ death and passion of Jesus Christ my savior and blessed redeemer.Secondly concerninge my bodie I committ it to the earth from whence it came,to be decently buried in the parish yard of Duffield at the discretion of my ffamily and oversears of this my will.Thirdly as concerninge all ____ and wordly goods as it hath pleased Almightie god of his goodness to lend me in this transitory life my will and pleasure is that they be ordered and disposed of as followethe,ffirstly I would have funerall charges defrayed ,secondly I give unto Richard Gratian my Brother in law my best suite of apparell.Thirdly I give and bequeathe unto Anthony Spendlove my sonne twentie pounds of good and full money of England to be paid unto him upon the ffirst day of May next followinge after my decease and Twentie pounds more to be paid to him within one yeare after and if Mary Spendlove my wife shall at any time change her name then my will and pleasure is that she shall pay my sonne Anthony Spendlove Twentie pounds within six months,After her said marriage if she be not with Childe at the makeinge of this my Will and if she shall happen to be with Childe then my sonne Anthony Spendlove shall have but Tenn pounds out (of)the last mentioned Twentie pounds if his mother happen to be with childe and the Childe live and if the Childe live my wife is is the pay of ten pounds more out of my goods,and my will and pleasure is that the money ________ I have given and bequeathed unto my aforesaid sonne Anthony Spendlove shall be ______out of my goods and Chattells I __________ ________ unto his best advantage unto he shall attain unto the age of one and twentie years and my will is that my sonne Anthony shall be put to the trade of a Shoemaker or cordwainer when he shall attain the age of thirteene or thereabouts with part of the moneys which I have given and bequeathed to him.And all the rest of my goods Chattells and Cattell I give and bequeath unto Mary Spendlove my well beloved wife performing my Will and paying my legacies.And I doe make Mary my wife Anthony Spendlove my sonne executrix and executor of this my last Will and Testament. And I doe devise my _______ William Gamble and my Brother in Law Richard Gratian to be oversears of this my will to see it performed ________ to the true intent and meaninge thereof.And I doe finaly revoke all former wills by me made .In witnesse whereof I have set my hand and seale the day and yeare above written .

Signed Thomas Spendlove

+ Seal

Sealed and ________ as his last Will

and Testament in the presence of

William Gamble

Richard Gratian

Jervis Chadwicke

(his mark)

Richard Chadwicke

Inventory taken December 1669

Note,Anthony Spendlove took legal action against Richard Gratian when he became of age ,the document exists but I have not seen a copy as of yet ,it is intended to purchase a copy from the PRO at Kew when funds permit.J.W.Spendlove ,9-11-2002