The Will of Thomas Spendluffe of Alderwasley 1550

In the name off god Amen: And the viith.daye off februarye Anno Domini 1550. I Thomas Spendluffe of Alderwasley within the paryshe off Workesworthe [Wirksworth] In the Countye off Derbye beinge weyke in bodye And hole in mynde and of good and perfecte Remembraunce, Consyderynge that I am certayne to dye when god shall Apoynte the tyme, and fearynge the sudden departyng owt of this transytory worlde and mortall Lyffe: doo ordayne and make my testament and Laste wyll off and for all my goods and cattaylls in manner and forme folowynge. First I as a true and faythfull Chrystian man stedfastly beleyvyinge to ye everlastynge loffe [life or love] doe bequeathe my sowlle unto allmyghtye god the father and the sonne and the holly ghoste. And my bodye to be buryed in the Churche Yerde At Wyckesworthe aforesaid. Item I bequeathe to the porre men's boxe Att Wyrkesworthe iiiid.[four pence]. Item I gyve and bequeythe to Thomas Horne A browne kowe and iii sheepe. Item I bequeythe to iii Chyldren off the said Thomas Horne to eyther [each] off them A sheepe. The Rsydue [residue] off All and synguler my goods and cattaylls [cattle] not bequeythed (my detts payd And my body honestly brought home) I wholly gyve and bequeythe them to Thomas and Rycharde my sonnes. Item I doo make ordayne, name and Apoynte Thomas and Rycharde my sayd sonnes my Lawfull executors off this my testament and last wyll. And I make Mr. Thomas Leeke of Wyllmthorpe [Williamthorpe in North Wingfield] and Mr. Rycharde Blackwell of the Calke  my faythfull and trustye supervisors and overseers off my sayd last wyll, humbly besechynge them to be good to my sonnes as my truste is they wyll be. And all this was declared [unfinished]