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Will of Robert Spendlove ,Principal Probate Registry 1928

This is the last Will and Testament of me Robert Spendlove of Belgrove,Chapelizod,in the County of Dublin,Dairy Man,hereby revoking any former wills heretofore made by me I appoint my dear wife Sarah Anne Spendlove and my brother Joseph Spendlove to be the Executrix and Executor and Trustees of this my Will. I leave to my said Wife all the household furniture and effects at our residence Belgrove aforesaid,and the Sum of Two hundred pounds absolutely .And as to all the rest residue and remainder of any property I may die possessed of or entitled to whether real or personal save the Premises Belgrove aforesaid which is held by my said Wife with me and shall remain her property.I direct my said Executors to convert any part of same that is not money into money and in the first instance to pay my just and lawful debts testementary and funeral expenses ,and as to the balance to invest same in any of the securities authorised by Law,and to pay the Income arising from such investments to my Wife for her life or her re-marrying again and after her death or re-marriage to divide such investments as follows :-Three hundred pounds to my daughter Anne and Five hundered pounds each to my other daughters and the balance equally amongst my sons.And to pay to each child his or her share on attaining the age of twenty-one years and shall apply the Income on each childs share for the support and maintenance of such child who has not attained the age of twenty-one years until he or she shall attain that age.And if any of my said children shall die before attaining that age I direct the share of such child or children so dying to be devided equally amongst such children as shall attain the age of twenty-one years.And should there be only one child who shall attain the age of twenty-one years then I direct all such investments to go to such child absolutely on attaining the age of twenty-one years.IN WITNESS Whereof I have hereunto signed my name This First day of April One thousand nine hundred and twenty.

Signed by the said Testator as and for his last Will and Testament in presence of us who in his presence at his request and in presence of each other have hereunto signed our names as Witnesses.

John Moran Solr

Samuel D Skinner

????? Moran Solr

Robert died 30th October 1927 the Will was proved on the 20th March 1928 Administation was granted to William Spendlove( in said will erroneously called Joseph)of Belgrove Chapelizod aforesaid farmer brother of deceased the surviving Executor named in the will.

Personal Estate within the Irish Free State £5214:19:6

Estate Duty paid £197:5:4 the duty charged at the rate of £4 per cent

This is not absolutely correct as Joseph Spendlove was Roberts brother but he had died the previous year,William Spendlove was also Roberts brother and it looks like he stepped in to be the Executor,William's address is given as Belgrove this is also incorrect as William lived at Elmtree farm at Heage in Derbyshire ,Joseph Spendlove also lived at Heage in Derbyshire before his death ,Joseph ran a very successful buisness as a builder/carpenter and undertaker.William Spendlove who is the grandfather of the transciber of this will (John.W.Spendlove)was a Wheelwright by trade.Robert originally came from Derbyshire ,family sources say he left Derbyshire after he got a lass pregnant from either Belper or Ambergate, as his father another Robert Spendlove didnt want him to marry her .The childs name was also Robert but his surname was Willmott as the lass concerned married a Willmott.It is said that in later years Robert Spendlove bought his son Robert Willmott a small farm at Ambergate which has since become the Social club belonging to Johnsons Wire works.It is intended to attempt to verify as much of the details about Robert 's son as can be done.J.W.Spendlove transcriber.