Transcibed by Cathryn Bower

This is the last Will and Testament of me Mary Ann Spendlove of Guilthwaite in the parish of Whiston in the County of York Widow I appoint Henry Jarvis of Rotherham in the said County of York Carter and John William Hardwicke also of Rotherham aforesaid Butcher Executors of this my Will I bequeath to my daughter Matilda Jarvis the Wife of the said Henry Jarvis my silver teapot and a legacy of one hundred pounds I bequeath to my daughter Mary Ann Hardwicke the Wife of the said John William Hardwicke my oil painting entitled " The Midnight Watchman" and a legacy of one hundred pounds such two pecuniary legacies to be paid to my said daughters free from legacy duty as soon as conveniently may be after my decease to and for their separate use and free from marital control I give devise and appoint all the real and personal estate of or to which I may be seized possessed or entitled either in possession reversion remainder or expectancy and including any estate over or in respect of which I have or may have any powers of appointment unto and to the use of the said Henry Jarvis and John William Hardwicke their heirs executors administrators and assigns respectively Upon trust to collect get in and convert into money my said personal estate and to sell and convert into money as and when they my said trustees shall think proper my said real estate either together or in lots and either by public auction or private contract and subject to such stipulations as to title or evidence or commencement of title or otherwise as my said Trustees shall judge expedient and to execute assurances to the purchaser or purchasers thereof and to stand possessed of the proceeds of such collection sale and conversion and also of the rents and income of my real estate until conversion Upon trust after payment thereout of my funeral and testamentary expenses and debts and the costs of the sale and conversion and the legacies hereinbefore bequeathed to pay and divide the residue unto and equally between and amongst my children the said Matilda Jarvis Robert Spendlove and the said Mary Ann Hardwicke or such of them as shall be living at my decease their executors administrators or assigns Provided that in case any of my children shall die in my lifetime leaving lawful issue who shall attain the age of twenty one years such issue shall take and if more than one equally between them the share or respective shares which his her or their parent or respective parents would have taken if living I declare that the share to which any female may be entitled under this my Will shall be for her separate use her sole receipt shall be sufficient discharge for the same and I declare that my Trustees shall be at liberty to postpone the sale of my said real estate or any part thereof for such period as to them or him shall seem expedient but the rents and annual produce thereof shall be divisible in the same manner and proportions as the proceeds of the sale thereof is hereinbefore directed to be applied after conversion and the unsold real estate shall be deemed to be converted as from the time of my death and to be transmissible as personal estate accordingly I devise all estates vested in me as Trustee or Mortgagee unto the said Henry Jarvis and John William Hardwicke but subject to the trusts and equities affecting the same estates respectively and appoint them joint Trustees of this my Will As witness my hand this twentieth day of December on thousand eight hundred and eighty one.

Signed and declared by the said
Mary Ann Spendlove as and for
her last Will and testament in Mary Ann Spendlove
the presence of us present at the
same time who in her presence
at her request and in the
presence of each other have
hereunto subscribed our names as

G. Giles Perkins } Clerks to Mr. Robert
Norman Gibbs } Marsh Solicitor

Proved at Wakefield the 23rd day of January 1888 by the Oaths of Henry Jarvis and John William Hardwicke the Executors to whom administration was granted.

The Testatrix Mary Ann Spendlove was late of Guilthwaite in the parish of Whiston in the County of York Widow and died on the 3rd day of December 1887 at Brown Street Masbrough in the said County

£249 . 7 . 10 Gross value.

Messrs Marsh & Son