The Will of John Spenluffe of Farlesthorpe,Lincolnshire 12-4-1588 as copied from Lincolnshire Wills First series 1500 to 1600 by Rev .A . R . Maddison , F.S.A. Priest-Vicar of Lincoln Cathederal .1888.Pages 115-116.
Thanks oweing to John Titford the renowned geneologist/antiquarian book seller .

The Will of JOHN SPENLUFFE,of Farlesthorpe,Gent.12 April 1588.To be buried in Alford Church."To tene poor mayds in Alford xxli. every of them 40s., to Alice Mawer of Falsthorpe  40s.,  to Frances Leeke  40s., to Marie Clerke  40s.,  to her sister  Anne  40s.,  to Isobel Beche  40s.,  to Flowrance Dawlinge  40s.,   to Beatrix Dixon  40s.,  to Dorothy Brewster  40s.,  to Colton mayd  40s. upon condicion that every one of the said mayds to whom these legacies is geven within one yeare next after my decease shall be able to say their Catechisme and to declare their faythe and duties towardes God and their husbands." To everyone of my household servants xxli. To Robert Burt ,my boy ,xxli. To the governors of the School at Horncastle xxli. To the "assistance of Louthe towardes the buylding of their newe hall vli." To my godsons George Toothbie , John Dymocke son of John , John Caterton son of Richard , Peregrine Somerscales , vli.apiece.To John Toothbie vili. To Edward Knightbridge xli. To George Hartgrave " my best gowne , all my lawe bookes and vli."To Edward Dymocke , son of sir Broxholme , of Louth, vi old Ryalls. To my half supposed sister at Newark viili. My tenants are to retain thier farms paying the rent due , etc. "I will that my bodie be buried in Alford Church in the place where my mother was buried , and will that my exrs.cause to laie over me one fayre marble stone or frestone , and upon same my armes to be sett and the tyme of my deathe with this posie.  " Thoughe I lye here inclosed in earthe yet do lyve by Christ his death." Ten poor men in Alford and Farlesthorpe , to have black gowns at the funeral .  "To my verie good Lorde the Lorde Willoughby of Earesbie my best gelding .  To Edward  Knightbridge a messuage and lands in Farlesthorpe .  My Lands in Cumberworth and Burnthorpe , late Lord Viscount Welles' . I make exrs . William Fitzwilliam, of Mablethorpe , and Andrew Gedney , Esqrs., John Somerscales , and Francis Marbury  , to carry out my last Will . My land in Farlesthorpe , Woodthorpe , Withern , Strubby , Trusthorpe are conveyed to George Hartgrave and John Neale to the use of me and my heirs ; in default , to the use I make by my Will , etc . Rents at Woodthorpe , Strubby , and Withern to the use of Henry Ormsby , son of Edward Ormsby , for his life , then to the use of the governors of Alford School . Provision for almshouses in Alford for viii poor people . My manors of Sutton , Trustthorpe , and Skendleby .
Prob. 10 June 1589 .
(The testator was a benifactor to the Alford Grammar School . His estates mainly furnish the income ;and two scholarships , and one fellowship tenable for 5 years , at Magdalene College , Cambridge , were founded by him . His mother , by whom he desired to be buried , was Alice daughter and co-heir of William Woodford Gent , of  Farlesthorpe , and sister of Rose , wife of John Ormsby .(See   Will No 16 in above mentioned book). The testator's brother William is said to be  "sevant to Sir Edward Dymoke ,"in the Visitation of 1562 .