An Inventorie of all the Goods and Chattels of Anthony Spendlove late of Dethicke in the Countie of Derbie yeoman, deassed.

Taken and Praissed [appraised] The xvith [16th] day of Aprill Anno domini 1623 By Henrye Statham; Humphrey Marshall; John Buxton and Roberte Willcockson husbandman in manner and forme as followeth.

Imprimis [First] his purse and Apparrell 3-6s8d
Item 7 Kyne [cattle] and Calves; 7 kyne and a bull 37-0-0
Item 5 stirkes [bullocks] and 6 calves 10-0-0
Item 2 mares 4-0-0
Item 60 ewes and Lambes and 120 weathers
[castrated rams] ewes and hogges [rams] 45-0-0
Item 22 dayes worke of Corne sowen [sowing]
and certaine grasse 26-0-0
Item one greate ketle, 4 litle ketles and 2 brassepottes 1-6-8
Item certain pewter 6-8
Item certain kitles, a churne with other such wodden [wooden] ware 10-0
Item 2 bordes with Frames, a cupborrde
2 chaires certain stoles [stools] with other such litle Thinges 1-10-0
Item one bedsteede, 3 chestes, a kimnell
[wooden tub] and a Tubbe 1 -0-0
Item a Fether bedde, 4 chaffe beddes, 5 boulsters
4 pillowes, 9 coverleds, 8 Blanketts 4-10-0
Item 2 payre of flaxen [linen] sheetes and6 paire of course sheetes
and2 pillowe beeres [cases] 1-10-0
Item certain wollen cloth 1- 0-0
Item certaine white Carsey (Kersey wool]
and luisey wolsey [linen & wool mixture] 10-0
Item certaine wollen yarne and towe 6-8
Item 2 Chestes, a boxe and Certaine cushions 9-0
Item Cad _?_ little Crase [crowbar], a bucke[t]
A spade and a shovell, an axe a hatchett,
and an augur, a shesell [chisel] a spitte,
2 payre of tongues, a Fire shovell and
certain picke Forkes 1 -0-0
Item 6 sackes and a windowe sheete 7-0
Item certain hay 4 -0-0
Item one Ironbande wayne [waggon] one bare Carte
3 plowes, 2 draughte yoakes
2 horse harrowes, one share,
certain bordes and Timber at Tansley 4 -0-0
Item certaine bacon 1 -6-8
Item a Cocke and 3 hennes 1-4d
Item certaine manure 1 -0-0

Sum 150 pounds and eight pence

Debts owinge by Anthony Spendlove
Imprimis to Mr. Wendeslay Blackwall 14-10sOd
Item to Anthonye Thacker 11-16-0
Item to John Spendlove 3- 6-0
Item to John Boulsore [Bolsover] 2- 4-0
Item to goodman Walker 8-6
Sum 42- 4s6d
Debts owinge to Anthonye Spendlove
Imprimis by John Hage 2- 0-0
Item by Robert Downes 18-0
Item by William Wood 7-0
Debts desperate [uncollectible bad debts]
Item by Adam Bromehead 9-0
Item by Christoffer Cheetain 12-3
Item by Thomas Spendlove 2 -0-0
Sum 61 pounds 6 shillings 3 pence~-