The Allegation by Anthony Spendlove against Richard Gratian transcribed from original located in PRO

13 ffebruary 1682

To the right Honble ffrancis Lord North and Keeper of the great Seale of England

Humbly -------------------showeth unto your Lordship ye Orato Anthony Spendlove an infant of the Age of ffourteene years and upwards and under the age of one and twenty years by Robert Chadwick and Lucy his wife ye Orato’s Gaurdians and best friends.That whereas Thomas Spendlove decd ye Orato’s Ffather beinge in perfect mind and memory in or about the month of November in the yeare of our Lord one thousand six hundred sixty nine did make his last Will and testament in and by which hee devised to ye Orato the sum of Twenty pounds to be paid unto ye Orato upon the first day of May next after his the said Thomas Spendlove decease .Twenty pounds more to be paid unto ye Orato within one yeare next after and in his and by his said will appointed that the severall sums of twenty pounds ------ as aforesaid divised to ye Orato should be praised out of his goods and Chattells and putt forth for ye Orato’s best advantage and of his said will did make and appoint Mary Spendlove his wife ye Orato’s Mother,and ye Orato Executors ,as in and by the said will had ye Orato the same to produce more fully and at large would appeare.And ye Orato furthur showed unto ye Lordship that the said Mary Spendlove shortly after the death of the said Thomas Spendlove in due forme of Law proved the said will and possessed her selfe of all the psonall estate of the said Thomas Spendlove ye Orato’s ffather which consisted in ready moneys and money out at --------- ----------- Leases for yeares goods Cattle implements of household and husbandry and the inventory of the same in the whole did amount unto two hundred pounds and upwards.And ye Orato further showeth unto ye Lordshipp that shee the said Mary beinge possessed as aforesaid and beinge an industrious carefull mother did much improve and increase the said and in or about the month of October which was in the yeare of our Lord one thousand six hundred seventy one beinge in pfect mind and memory did make her last will and Testament and in and by the said did make and appoint one Richard Gratian her Executor and devised unto him all her goods bills bonds Cattle and Chattells whatsoever in trust for ye Orato,and untill ye Orato should attayne unto the age of ffourteene years and then she appointed that ye Orato should have and possesse the same as in and by the said will had ye Orato the same to produce more fully and at large may appeare.And ye Orato furthur showeth unto your Lordshipp that ------the said Mary Spendlove in her life tyme nor the said Richard Gratian or either of them did at any tyme satisfye and pay unto ye Orato eyther of the said summs of twenty pounds and twenty pounds nor any parte of them and that although in October last ye Orato attayned to the age of ffourteene yearse and hoped that the then said Richard Gratian would have given ye Orato a true ------- of the ------and have paid and satisfyed what was due unto ye Orato the same of right belonginge unto ye Orato not only as survivinge Executor of the said Thomas Spendlove his late ffather ,but by devise of the said Mary Spendlove his mother.But now ------it is may it please ye good Lordshippe the said Richard Gratian haveinge possessed himselfe as aforesaid and haveinge an uncon—ionable disire and designe not onely to delay ine whats due to ye Orato and to deprive ye Orato of the same but to apply the same to his owne use ------ the said Richard Gratian most unjustly detayned and keepes all and every the ---------from Ye Orato and refuseth to give ye Orato any ammount of the same or to make unto him any satisfaction and ------------ the houseing belonginge to a ffarme part of the promised to become ruinous and in decay and doth plow and brake up the Lands belonginge to the said ffarme with to impoverish the same and defayced both the said wills and also the severall Inventoryes taken of the said Cattle and Chattells of ye said Orato’s Mother after decease to be appraised though the same amounted unto and were well worthe three hundered pounds at the -------- yet hee caused the same to be appraised at under value and now ptends the Inventory of the same did not amount unto two hundred pounds.All which doings of the said Richard Gratian are against all -------- equity and good cons------- and ---------to ye Orato’s appa------- and ruine .In ---------- consideration thereof and for that ye Orato hath noe way or means to -------- himselfe by the comon Lawse of this Land but is onely and pro----ly -------able in the before ye Lordshipp in this honable Court,ye Orato witnessed who could prove the truth of the ---------beinge now eyther dead or in places remote beyond seas in his Majestys service it beinge many years since your Orato’s said ffather and mother dyed Soe ye Orato -------- ------------ out the true ------------of the promised now what the same were orded amount unto,but hoped the said Richard Gratian will upon his corporall oath sett forth and discover the truth of the same.To the end hee may soe doe and may sett forth who ther hee hath not the severall wills of ye Orato’s ffather and Mother and the severall inventoryes taken after there severall deceases of there severall goods Cattle and Chattells .And may sett forth in what the same did consist with the true valluse of the same ,how much was in ready moneys,how much in moneys out at Interest and in whose hands,how much in goods Cattle and other Chattells Corne and hay and how the same was appraised and by whom and whether att a true vallue or worth order and may be ordered to make and order a true and ---------of the same unto ye Orato,and to deliver up unto ye Orato both the said severall Wills and Inventoryes and all such -------- ------------ and ------------ as ------------- the promised and to make ye Orato -------- satisfaction touchinge the promysed as shall be agreeable to equity and good consionce .And to the said Richard Gratian may true and perfect Answers make to all and every the ----------- and ye Orato would accordinge to equity and good consionce .May it please ye Lordshippe to grant unto ye Orato his Maijties most gracious will of Subpena to be directed to the said Richard Grtian showby commandinge him att a ---------day and under a ------ payne ------- --------- committed to be personally appeare before ye Lordshippe in this high and honerable Court to answer to all and singular the --------- and further to stand to and abide such order and desire as this honable Court shall direct.And ye Orato will ever pray et.

Signed by R Johnson

Transcribers Note ,It seems very strange that Anthony or indeed his guardians or legal advisers  are unaware that his fathers and mothers Wills and Inventories are located at Lichfield in the church court archives as they had to be proved in the church court.It will become even stranger when the reply to this Allegation is read ,as Richard Gratian alledges that he attempted to get an official from the church at Lichfield to mediate/negociate about the Wills.(Richard Gratians response has yet to be transcribed)   John Spendlove