I have a large quantity of copies of Wills relating to the Spendloves.
The wills are dated when proved, and in date order

Edward Spendelowe St Albans Herts 1493-4 (source info)
Gefforey Spendluffe 1545
Thomas Spendluffe of Alderwadsley1550
John Spendluffe Lincolnshire 1588
Walter Spendlove als Alsopp of Highedge(Heage)1618 (former captain of guard and chamber of Queen Elizabeth 1st)
Walter Spendlove inventory of his house at Heage 1618
Walter Spendlove inventory of his house at Derby 1618
Anthony Spendlove of Dethicke inventory 1623
Margery Spendlove of Shottle 1628
Mary Spendlove of Duffield 1649
Anthony Spendlove 1654
Thomas Spendlove of Shottle 1669
Thomas Spendlove of Shottle Inventory 1669
Mary Spendlove of Shottle Park 1671
Mary Spendlove's Lease 1673 ?
Mary Spendlove's First Inventory
Mary Spendlove's Second Inventory
Mary's son Anthony Spendlove's Allegation against Richard Gratian
John Spendlove of Shottle 1707 Inventory
George Spendlove of Shottle 1740
Thomas Spendlove of Shottle 1747 Will and Inventory
Robert Spendlove of Shottle 1751
Deborah Spendlove of Shottle 1768
Thomas Spendlove of Radbourn 1775
Job Spendlove of Shottle,1781
George Spendlove of Shottle, Yeoman 1781
Thomas Spendlove of Shottle 1796
Elizabeth Spendlove 1800
William Spendliffe of Shottle 1808  Marine HMS Russell
Gervas Spendlove of Shottle 1809
Anthony Spendlove of Dalbury 1810
George Spendlove, of Denby 26 Oct 1815. Died 1/3/1817
Elnor Spendlove, of Shottle. Died 2 Feb 1828
Robert Spendlove of Shottle 1834
Thomas Spendlove the Elder of the Crow Trees Duffield 1843
Joseph Spendlove Crich 1858
Robert Spendlove of Shottle 1863
William Spendlove of Derby 1865
Thomas Spendlove of Shottle Lawn farm 1867
George Spendlove of Shottle 1869
Robert Spendlove of Guithwaite Yorkshire 1881
Mary Ann Spendlove of Guithwaite Yorkshire 1887
Elizabeth  Spendlove 1893
Robert Spendlove 1894 Administration
Sarah Spendlove of Tansley 1895
Thomas Spendlove, of Crowtree Farm Shottle 1897
William Spendlove of Ireton Wood 1897
Issac Spendlove of Shottle 1901
Elizabeth Denham Spendlove Ilkeston 1904
John Spendlove of Carlton, Nottingham 1909
Phoebe Spendlove Belper 1913
George Spendlove of Dale Road Spondon 1914
Charles Spendlove on board HMS " Duke of Edinburgh" 1920
Job Spendlove Junior of Matlock 1925
William Spendlove of Hazelwood 1926
Thomas Spendlove of Lamb House Shottle 28 July 1926. Died 18/12/1928
Robert Spendlove Chapelizod Dublin 1927
Robert Spendlove's of Chapelizod English Estate1935
William Spendlove of Heage 1929 Administration
Job Spendlove of Matlock 1931
Alice Spendlove of Elm Tree Farm Heage 1938