Conditions of use for transcribed and other material.

As you have arrived on this page, you almost certainly came either from a page of transcribed information which was transcribed by either John Wright or John Spendlove, or a page, photograph or graphic to which we hold the copyright.

If you came from someone else's page, then the same general rules and conditions apply.

This page is aimed mainly (but not only) at those who would attempt to make monetary gain from our (or other people's) endeavours.

Note: Under English Law, it doesn't have to say copyright on it to be copyrighted, and it would be English Law that would be used against any infringements of the following conditions.

You may not post material from this site on another web site or on a computer network without permission. You may not use this site or information found at this site for selling or promoting products or services, soliciting clients, or any other commercial purpose. "This site" means any World Wide Web site with "taghill", "g4dmf", "g4dxy", "John Wright", or "John Spendlove" in the URL pathname. Whilst there are no objections to using small quotes of data from this site (for instance to answer queries on Mailing lists and Newsgroups), the URL of the page you are quoting from must be given in order to ensure that your readers are aware that the data is not yours and that there is copyright involved.

General aims:

Our aims in making transcipts of books and other data available on the Web is to make that data from old/rare books available to those who would not otherwise have access to them. On the Web sites which we maintain there may also be photographs, graphics, articles and lists to which we hold the copyright. It is our intention that this data should be available free, but only for personal use (normally with respect to genealogy). We have had (or are having) problems with people who are:

So please, if you are considering copying (other than for personal use) any of the data which we have produced, drop one of us a line first.


It has become apparent that some people assume that any "out of copyright" material which they find on the web is theirs to use as they would like, and therefore it seems that we have to spell out the conditions of use which we place upon the use of this material:

We (and others) have spent a many, many hours transcribing these books and documents into electronic form from the originals, so if there is a profit to be made out of this, then it is only right that it should come to us. As we are not asking for any form of payment for personal use of the material, the conditions which we place upon its use are that it should not be used for commercial purposes: this would include such things as inclusion on a CD ROM, on a floppy disk, on a micro-fiche, on a World Wide Web site, or being printed or sold in any form whatsoever.

What you are welcome do is to place the data on a floppy disk or other medium, or print the data and give it to others. For instance, to our knowledge, several people have printed the data and given it to their local library. To summarise: if you receive this data then it should come with no charge to you whatsoever for the data, and if on a medium which could be charged for, then a blank (disk, paper or whatever) should be accepted by the purveyor in exchange, with no money changing hands even for time taken to copy the material. Please ensure that if you do this that you quote the URL of the page or principal page from which you took the data.

If these conditions are not acceptable to you, and you want to use the data for commercial purposes, i.e. sell it, then transcribe the books yourself - though you may have difficulty here, as most of the books and documents we have transcribed are very rare. We should also point out that there are deliberate changes made (mainly corrections to spelling errors) in the transcriptions, and as only we know what these were, any copies of these datas claimed to come from other sources can easily be tested.

We repeat: It doesn't have to say copyright on it to be copyrighted.

To those of you who want to use this material simply for what it contains in the way of historical/genealogical information, please enjoy it with our best (and free) wishes.

If you wish to use extracts from any of the texts then please include the following where appropriate:

*                                                                              *
* This out of copyright material has been transcribed from original documents  *
* by John Wright or John Spendlove.                                            *
* You are granted permission to use this data on condition that any further    *
* copying and distribution of this data or transcription is allowed only for   *
* for noncommercial purposes, and includes this statement in its entirety.     *
* Any references to, or quotations from, this material should give credit to   *
* the original author(s) or editors. IF IN DOUBT - ASK FIRST                   *
*                                                                              *

Any comments or queries on the conditions of use should be sent to

If you have any questions/queries on the content of any of our transcriptions, please email one of us by using the links on each title page

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