John Spendlove 1837

Copied from the above located in the Derbyshire Record Office, Matlock.



John Spendlove late of the Parish of Duffield in this County Labourer in the custody of Mr. John Sims Keeper of the common gaol at Derby in the said County being brought to the bar here and indicted arraigned and tried for feloniously steeling and carrying away on the twenty seventh day of November now last past at the parish aforesaid one bushel of potatoes of the value of two shillings and one hen fowl of the value of one shilling of the goods and chattels of one Ann Garratt and three chisels of the value of one shilling one Gouge of the value of six pence, three hammers of the value of one shilling and one file of the value of six pence of the goods and chattels of one John Erpe Hendrick. And being found Guilty thereof this Court doth order that the said John Spendlove be re-committed to the Custody of the said John Sims and transported as soon as conveniently may be for the term of seven years to be computed from the time of his conviction to such place or places port or ports beyond the Seas as His Majesty shall for that purpose declare or appoint. And this Court doth also Order that Samuel Fox, William Evans, Cockshut, Heathcote, Henry Sacheverell Wilmot, George Benson Strutt, John Radford and William Jeffery Lockett Esquires Justices of the Peace for the said County or any two of them be and they are hereby appointed to contract with the person or persons for the transportation of him the said John Spendlove in manner and for the term aforesaid and to cause such Security to be taken as the Statute in that case made and provided directs to be taken and to order him to be delivered pursuant to such contract to the person or persons contracting for him or to his or their assigns And doth also order that the said Ann Garratt be and she is hereby discharged from the recognizance entered into by her for her appearance at this Sessions to prefer the said Bill of Indictment and that the said John Erpe Hendrick, Samuel Milward of Belper in the said County Police Officer and Hugh Cooper of Shottle Gate in the said County Labourer be and they are hereby discharged from the two several recognizances entered into by them for the respective appearances at this sessions to give evidence thereon And doth further order that the Treasurer of this County do pay to Mr. Ingle Solicitor in this prosecution the sum of Eight pounds, and two shillings for the expenses of the prosecution against the said John Spendlove and two others.
Whitehurst for the Prosecution
Clarke for the prisoner
Names and ages of the prisoners
With what offences charged
William Fritchley  age 24
Joseph Waterford age 19
John Spendlove age 28
Stealing at Shottle and postern, five strike potatoes,
one barn door fowl, three chisels, one gouge,
three hammers, two gimblets, one pricker,
and one saw file, the property of Ann Garratt
All  transported for 7 years

Commiting Justice G.B. Strutt Esq.

From a Derbyshire newspaper

Removal of Convicts.- The following convict were removed from our county gaol last week, in order to be put on board the Ganymele Hulk, at Woolwich until their several sentences of transportation can be further carried into effect, viz. John Spendlove, William Moore, Joseph Salt, William Jackson, William Fritchley and Joseph Waterfield

This is from Australia Records

Convict         Spendlove  John

Name        John Spendlove              37-2390
Age    28
Education          Reads and Writes
Religion           Protestant
M or S              Single
Native Place    Derbyshire
Trade   Labourer
Offence   Stealing Tools and Fowls
Tried At   Derby Quarter Sessions 3 Jan 1837
Sentance  7 Years
Former Conviction 4 months
Height                                  5' 9 1/4"
Hair   Light Brown
Eyes   Grey
Complexion  Ruddy & Eruptive
Remarks  Has an Impediment in his speech occasionally, Breast hairy, mark of boil back of
   lower left arm

Came to Australia 1837   Ship "James Patterson"
James Cromarty, Master,
Thomas Robertson Surgeon   Arrived 25/10/1837