Derby Mercury October 1832


On tuesday night the 9th or early on Wednesday morning,the 10th of October instant,from a Close at Shottle,in the county of Derby, A DARK BAY HACKNEY HORSE,Aged nearly 16 hands high, has three white feet and the other grey.Whoever will give such information as to shall lead to the conviction of the offender or offenders,shall recieve TEN GUINEAS REWARD,On application to Mr ROBERT SPENDLOVE,junior,of Shottle aforesaid.N.B>The above Horse was rode through the Mileash Toll Bar,near Derby,at about two o,clock this morning,by a tall Man (unknown)without saddle.

October 10,1832.

Derby Mercury Wednesday January 9th 1833
Derbyshire Quarter Sessions

Joseph Gregory,aged 22,indicted for stealing at Shottle one Gelding,the property of Robert Spendlove.-----Robert Spendlove son of the prosecutor,deposed to seeing his father's bay gelding,on the (th October,in the field.It was on the following morning missing,and from information which he recieved,he followed the horse to Oxington,in Northamptonshire,where he found it in possession of the constable of that place.---George Odel,a horse dealer of Northampton,proved he purchased the gelding in question of the prisoner at Leicester fair,on the 10th of October,the day after the robbery,for £20.,but did not at the time pay for him ,in consequence of his jaded apperance,the witness having a doubt as to the proper manner by which the prisoner came by him.---James Hewett,servant to the last witness,positively swore to the prisoner as being the person from whom his master had purchased the stolen horse.---Mr Wootten,of Derby,horse dealer,deposed to Mr Odel applying to him at Leicester fair.on the 10th October,to assertain if the prisoner's account of himself,as being the servant of Mr Bowmer,of Osmaston,was correct.Witness thought the prisoner was the same person Mr Osel equired about but would not positively swear to him.--William Street,of Belper,proved the prisoner's talking to him two days before Leister fair,of his intention to be present there.
The prisoner in his defence denied all knowledge of the horse,and calling the following witnesses to prove an alibi :---Jesse Gregory,father of the prisoner,deposed,that his son went to his work as usual,at Mr Chappel's of Belper-lane early in the morning of the 9th October,and returned in the evening of the 10th to his house.He knew the date,by Crich fair being holden the 11th October.--Myrah Gregory,a child,and niece of the prisoner's swore to the same facts.She underwent a long cross-examination by Mr Balguy,but nothing was elicited to materially shake her testimony.-Christina Chappel,of Belper-lane,swore,that the prisoner was at breakfast at her father's house,at half-past eight o'clock in the morning of the 10th October the day on which the fair at Leicester was held.The witness is sister-in-law to the prisoner.-Hannah Whiteman,of Belper-lane,deposed to the fact of the prisoner being on the morning of the 10th October,at benjamin Chappel's at breakfast.-Aaron Booth,of Pentrich,also deposed to the prisoner dining at his house,on the 10th October at 12 o'clock at noon.Witness is brother-in-law to the prisoner.-Lydia Chappel,of Belper-Lane,corroberated C.Chappel's evidence.-Samuel Walker,witness for the prosecution,said ,that the last witness on the 10th October,when he was at Benjamin Chappel's told him,that the prisoner had not been there on that or the preceeding day.The evidence for the prosecution,and the defence,was of an extremely opposite nature.Much able cross-examination was gone through,to shake if possible the testimony in favour of the alibi,which the prisoner set up,but without any conciderable success.
The Jury acquitted the prisoner.