1 23/03/1847 Henry Windle Of full age Bachelor Iron Moulder Heage Charles Windle Iron Moulder Hannah Cordingley Of full age Spinster Bradford in the county of York Thomas Cordingley Clothier George Windle ,Ann Windle
2 05/04/1847 Joseph Barlow Of full age Bachelor Moulder Heage John Barlow Collier Mary Morton Minor Spinster Heage William Morton Moulder William Morton,Ann Morton
3 23/05/1847 David Walker Of full age Bachelor Mechanic Manchester John Walker Stone Mason Lydia Abell Minor Spinster Heage Thomas Abell Coal Miner Wm Abell,Hariatt Cheatham
4 25/05/1847 Oliver Rodgers Of full age Bachelor Nailor Heage John Rodgers Nailor Ann Sutton Of full age Spinster Heage - - Samuel Allsworth,William Sutton
5 27/09/1847 Reuben Smith Of full age Widower Labourer Heage Isaac Smith Labourer Ruth Taylor Of full age Spinster Belper Thomas Taylor Nailor William Lowe,Ann Taylor
6 20/03/1848 Francis Clark Minor Bachelor Nailor Heage John Clark Nailor Alice Naylor Minor Spinster Heage William Naylor Labourer William Shelton,Ann Stoppard
7 07/04/1848 Francis Taft Of full age Widower Labourer Heage George Taft Framework Knitter Ann Cottingham Of full age Spinster Heage Peter Cottingham Brick Layer Thomas Swift,Lucy Maria Marshall
8 23/07/1848 John Naylor Of full age Bachelor Collier Stanton by Dale Abbey William Naylor Labourer Sarah Watson Of full age Spinster Heage Joseph Watson Collier Francis Clark,Alice Clark
9 19/11/1848 William Brown Of full age Bachelor Labourer Heage Thomas Brown Labourer Hannah Sutton Of full age Widow Heage John Bowser Framework Knitter Francis Taft,Ann Taft
10 26/11/1848 Charles Sowter Of full age Bachelor Labourer Heage Charles Sowter Labourer Mary Harrison Of full age Spinster Woman Servant Heage James Harrison Labourer Abraham Stone,Lydia Stone
11 25/12/1848 William Flower Minor Bachelor Labourer Heage William Flower Gardener Hannah Strange Of full age Spinster Heage Thomas Strange Miller George Hall,Ann Flower
12 22/01/1849 Joseph Parkes Of full age Widower Pensioner Heage Joseph Parkes Cotton Spiner Sarah Parkin Of full age Widow Heage William Lynam Labourer Thomas Lynam,Sarah Lynam
13 05/03/1849 Thomas Sanders Of full age Bachelor Miner Heage Thomas Sanders Labourer Harriet Holmes Of full age Widow Heage George Davis Miner Elizabeth Lynam,Thomas Swift
14 07/05/1849 Joseph Wainwright Of full age Bachelor Labourer Heage William Wainwright Labourer Mary Alton Of full age Spinster Heage John Alton Farmer George Wainwright,Ann Alton
15 08/12/1849 William Hemingray Of full age Bachelor Collier Heage Geo Hemingray Collier Mary Gill Of full age Spinster Heage Thos Gill Labourer Jes Hulland,Hannah Storer
16 09/12/1849 Samuel Butler Of full age Bachelor Labourer Heage John Butler Green Grocer Ann Doxey Of full age Widow Bonsall Benjamin Alsop Labourer Benjamin Bunting,Mary Ann Bunting
17 21/01/1850 James Gadsby Of full age Bachelor Farm Servant Heage Robert Gadsby Farmer Elizabeth Neal Of full age Spinster Servant Heage Richard Neal Labourer Robert Gadsby,Mary Clark
18 21/01/1850 John Wainwright Of full age Bachelor Labourer Heage William Wainwright Labourer Ann Bradley Of full age Spinster Heage John Bradley Boatman Joseph Wainwright,Mary Wainwright
19 18/02/1850 William Sutton Of full age Bachelor Collier Heage - - Mary Rodgers Minor Spinster Factory girl Heage Abraham Rodgers Nailor Joseph Key,Thomas Swift
20 14/04/1850 Samuel Hemingray Of full age Bachelor Collier Heage Thomas Hemingray Collier Ann Coope Minor Spinster Heage Isaac Coope Collier William Thompson,Martha Coope
21 30/04/1850 John Bennett Of full age Bachelor Labourer Heage Joseph Bennett Miller Betsy Bowmer Of full age Spinster Heage Benjamin Bowmer Collier Benjamin Bowmer,Mary Bowmer
22 26/01/1851 German Holmes Of full age Bachelor Labourer Toadmoor in Heage John Holmes Stonemason Ann Taylor Of full age Spinster Servant Toadmoor in Heage Thomas Taylor Wheelwright Edward Thompson,Robert Taylor
23 09/06/1851 Robert Redfearn Of full age Bachelor Collier Heage John Redfearn Banksman Isabella Riley Of full age Spinster Servant Heage Thomas Riley Labourer Thomas Parkes,Lydia Johnson
24 13/09/1851 Jedidiah Blount Of full age Widower Collier Heage William Blount Labourer Martha Coope 18 Spinster Heage Isaac Coope Collier Thomas Swift,Ann Bradshaw Barber
25 10/11/1851 Thomas Syddons Of full age Bachelor Labourer Heage Thomas Syddons Labourer Edna Rowson Of full age Widow Heage William Stone Collier Betty Webster,Thomas Swift
26 05/06/1852 John Breedon Of full age Bachelor Labourer Heage John Breedon Boatsman Mary Hannah Wright Of full age Spinster Heage Emmanual Wright Framework Knitter Thomas Stocks,Hannah Watson
27 12/04/1852 James Burton 28 Bachelor Labourer Toadmoor in Heage Benjamin Burton Framework Knitter Ann Johnson 37 Widow Dressmaker Toadmoor in Heage James Shaw Farmer Eliza Street,Thos Swift
28 27/07/1852 Samuel Allen 21 Bachelor Nailmaker Heage Samuel Allen Nailmaker Ann Bryan 26 Spinster Heage Vincent Bryan Labourer Jemima Ellen Meridyth,Sarah Street
29 02/08/1852 Francis Hardy 25 Bachelor Collier Heage William Hardy Collier Sarah Bradley 27 Spinster Heage John Bradley Boatman Thomas Swift,Sarah Street
30 21/09/1852 Charles John Mold Full age Bachelor Merchant Heage Charles Mold Merchant Mary Elizabeth Godber Wheatcroft Full age Spinster Wingfield Park David Wheatcroft Merchant German Wheatcroft,Jane Wheatcroft,John Heathcote
31 27/09/1852 Joseph Elliott 45 Widower Chelsea Pensioner Toadmoor in Heage Joseph Elliott Flax dresser Elizabeth Holt 37 Widow Toadmoor in Heage Thomas Strutt Boatman Grace Dennell Newell,William Marmaduke Drawell Alderson
32 01/11/1852 William Rowlands 27 Bachelor Cordwainer Heage Joseph Rowlands Farmer Elizabeth Horobin 24 Spinster Servant Heage George Horobin Labourer William Marson,E.Stoppard
33 29/11/1852 Benjamin Rodgers 37 Bachelor Nailor Heage Moses Rodgers Nailor Sarah Attenborough 25 Spinster Heage William Attenborough Brick maker Thomas Walker,Jane Walker
34 06/02/1853 Thomas Kirkland 41 Widower Collier Heage John Kirkland Shoemaker Hephzibah Bartlett 30 Spinster Heage John Bartlett Publican Thomas Swift,William Naylor
35 18/07/1853 Charles Harrison 25 Bachelor Labourer Heage William Harrison Labourer Harriet Potter 24 Spinster Heage Samuel Potter Labourer William Gibbs,Agnes Hodgson
36 21/11/1853 John Turner 31 Bachelor Labourer Heage Samuel Turner Blacksmith Eliza Woodhouse 35 Widow Heage Joseph Ligate Labourer George Beardmore,Ann Bradshaw Barber
37 18/12/1854 George Thompson 21 Bachelor Coal miner Heage - - Elizabeth Hawkins 21 Spinster Heage George Hawkins Coal miner George Beardmore,Henry Parkin
38 19/12/1854 George Wain 23 Bachelor Coal miner Heage John Wain Higgler Martha Webster 21 Spinster Heage Godfrey Webster Labourer George Beardmore,???Maycock
39 26/12/1854 Charles Bower 21 Bachelor Miller ????Bridge Crich Charles Bower Bleacher Mary Bowler 18 Spinster Heage James Bowler Publican George Bowler,Margret Jane Bower,George Beardmore
40 26/02/1855 German Hawkins 21 Bachelor Collier Heage George Hawkins Collier Emma Jepson 20 Spinster Heage George Jepson Collier George Thompson,George Beardmore
41 21/05/1855 Jonathan Rodgers 29 Bachelor Collier Heage William Rodgers Nailor Sarah Cutts 26 Spinster Charles Cutts Boatman George Beardmore,Eliza Street
42 17/09/1855 Owen Hughes Full Widower Labourer Heage Evan Hughes Labourer Elizabeth Shaw Full Spinster Heage Thomas Shaw Labourer Humphery Mills,Millicent Strange
43 15/10/1855 David Wainwright 21 Bachelor Collier Heage Samuel Wainwright Collier Elizabeth Fulwood 19 Spinster Heage Cornelius Fulwood Collier George Stone,Mary Wright
44 07/01/1856 George Harrison Full Bachelor Collier Heage George Harrison Colourman Mary Staples Full Spinster Heage George Staples Sawyer George Beardmore,Ann Shawcroft
45 03/02/1856 John Rodgers Full Bachelor Collier Heage Abraham Rodgers Nailor Mary Eaton Full Widow Heage Thomas Kirk Boatman George Beardmore,Thomas Kirk
46 13/05/1856 Samuel Barlow Full Widower Furnace keeper Ripley John Barlow Labourer Sarah Morton Full Spinster Heage William Morton Moulder Elias Morton,Sarah Morton
47 21/06/1856 George Bowmer Full Widower Engine driver Heage Joseph Bowmer Collier Hannah Wain Full Spinster Heage Philip Wain Labourer Charles Riley,Maria ….land
48 17/08/1856 Charles Cash 22 Bachelor Joiner Duffield Charles Cash Joiner Hannah Allsop 22 Spinster Milford George Allsop Bleacher Anthony …..,Sarah Cash
49 19/09/1856 Joseph Walker Full Bachelor Currier Duffield Joseph Walker Stone Mason Fanny Bond Full Spinster Duffield William Bond Labourer James Walker,Sarah Waterfield
50 22/10/1856 Joseph Greenhough Full Bachelor Miner Crich James Greenhough Farmer Emma Key Full Spinster Heage George Key Boatman George Key,Elizabeth Allsop
51 27/10/1857 John Lees Full Widower Colliery Manager Shirland Abraham Lees Coal Owner Jane Potter Full Spinster Heage John Potter Farmer Rob Strelley,E.Dummett
52 02/03/1858 William Roper Full Bachelor Labourer Heage Thomas Roper Labourer Elizabeth Allsop Full Spinster Heage George Allsop Labourer John Ollerenshaw,Mary Holmes
53 29/04/1858 John Curry Full Widower Cordwainer Heage John Curry F.W.Knitter Ann Unwin Full Spinster Alfreton John Unwin Frame Smith James Trueman,Elizabeth Unwin
54 24/05/1858 Robert Bromley Full Bachelor Labourer Heage James Bromley Butcher Ruth Shinwell Full Spinster Heage Ralph Shinwell Labourer George Shinwell,Hannah Bromley
55 28/12/1858 Joseph Stone Full Bachelor Collier Heage John Joseph Stone Collier Ann Naylor Full Spinster Heage William Ball Naylor Labourer William Shelton,Ruth Naylor
56 14/02/1859 Richard Siddon Full Bachelor Collier Heage Richard Siddon Collier Mary Annable Full Spinster Heage Charles Annable Painter David Key,Ann Annable
57 07/03/1859 Henry Redfern Full Bachelor Collier Heage John Redfern Labourer Emma Barlow Full Spinster Heage James Barlow Collier Thomas Hunt,Martha Hunt
58 18/04/1859 James Spray Full Widower Labourer Heage John Spray Labourer Mary Ann Warner Full Spinster Heage Richard Warner Farmer Samuel Spray,Mary Ann Vickers
59 02/05/1859 John Coope 21 Bachelor Collier Heage Isaac Coope Collier Emma Sparham 19 Spinster Heage Benjamin Sparham Labourer Joseph Coope,Hannah ….
60 31/10/1859 Alfred Parkin 26 Bachelor Sawyer Heage Joseph Parkin Labourer Emma Fantom 20 Spinster Heage Sampson Bridden Labourer William Brown,Hannah Lynam
61 15/11/1859 William Bowmer Full Widow Collier Heage Benjamin Bowmer Collier Mary Ann Meakin Full Spinster Heage Wm Meakin Labourer Samuel Armishaw,George Beardmore
62 25/12/1859 Alexander Statham Full Widower Collier Heage Richard Statham Collier Emily Flower Full Spinster Heage Wm.Flower Gardener George Statham,Martha Statham
63 27/02/1860 Daniel Martin 20 Bachelor Labourer Heage Samuel Martin Labourer Ann Naylor 20 Spinster Heage John Naylor Labourer Thomas Lynam,Mary Green
64 23/04/1860 Henry Abbott Full Bachelor Groom Heage Matthew Abbott Shoemaker Mary Brindley Full Spinster Heage Allen Brindley Blacksmith John Brindley,Ann Brindley
65 24/12/1860 Herbert Street 21 Bachelor Collier Heage William Street Ostler Mary Gration 18 Spinster Heage Geo.Bonsall Sawyer Jabez D Beardmore,Ruth Naylor
66 25/12/1860 James Mason Full Bachelor Saddler Heage William Mason Hatter Matilda Seam Full Spinster Heage Thomas Seam F.W.Knitter Thomas Seam,Jane…..
67 28/03/1861 Thomas Gawthorne Harrison Full Bachelor Farmer Hulland Thomas Lichfield Harrison Nail Master Sarah Wildsmith Full Spinster Heage George Joseph Wildsmith Farmer Joseph Morrell,Rebecca Wildsmith
68 29/04/1861 Samuel Stone Full Bachelor Blacksmith Heage David Stone Potter Martha Stone Full Spinster Heage Samuel Stone Collier William Parkes,Hannah Stone
69 08/05/1861 Charles Smith Full Bachelor Ironmonger Belper George Smith Plasterer Mary Hawkins Full Spinster Heage Samuel Hawkins Farmer Samuel Hawkins,Martha Hawkins
70 03/03/1862 Thomas Watson Full Widower Collier Clay Cross John Watson Miner Eliza Moss Full Widow Heage George Harrison Colourman Alexander Bradley,Sarah Bradley
71 03/03/1862 John Johnson Full Bachelor Miner Heage James Johnson Labourer Ann Clark Full Spinster Heage Sampson Clark Miner William Marshall,Hannah Johnson
72 31/03/1862 Abraham Anthony 20 Bachelor Miner Heage David Anthony Labourer Ann Shinwell 19 Spinster Heage Ralph Shinwell Labourer Robert Bromley,Ruth Bromley
73 10/06/1862 William Limb Full Bachelor Stonemason Heage Charles Limb Stonemason Mary Ann Graves Full Spinster Heage William Graves Cordwainer Paul Adams,Emily Graves
74 20/10/1862 Samuel Stone 20 Bachelor Collier Heage Samuel Stone Collier Jane Clark 20 Spinster Heage Sampson Clark Collier Joseph ….Martha Fulwood
75 20/10/1862 Benjamin Edwin Stone 22 Bachelor Collier Heage John Stone Stonemason Dorothy Jackson 19 Spinster Heage Jacob Jackson Collier Isaac Jackson,Catharine Stone
76 28/12/1862 John Evans Full Bachelor Chimney Sweep Heage Peter Evans Chimney sweep Ann Boot Full Spinster Heage Joseph Boot F.W.Knitter Matthew Holmes,Mary Street
77 06/04/1863 Edmund Ogle 28 Bachelor Schoolmaster Heage Joseph Ogle Engineer Elizabeth Smith Shore 16 Spinster Heage Isaac Shore Miller Thomas Ogle,Mary Shore
78 23/05/1863 William Thomson Full Widower Mason Heage Robert Thomson Farmer Georgina Murdock Davidson Full Spinster Heage George Davidson Farmer George ….,Mary ..indley
79 25/05/1863 John Garner 21 Bachelor Collier Heage Edward Garner Collier Mary Ann Wain 19 Spinster Heage Philip Wain Farmer George Wain,Sarah Redfern
80 14/06/1863 John White 27 Bachelor Boatsman Heage Robert White Boatsman Diana Johnson 23 Spinster Heage John Johnson Boatsman Robert Lewin,Mary Ann Lewin
81 18/08/1863 Charles Gration 24 Bachelor Collier Heage Jolyn Gration Shoemaker Fanny Walker "4 Spinster Heage Thomas Walker Miner William Walker,Ann Sims
82 07/09/1863 George William Beardmore 19 Bachelor Collier Heage George Beardmore Grocer Frances Gell 18 Spinster Heage Edward Gell Miller Jabez Daniel Beardmore,Ann Ben…. Beardmore
83 26/10/1863 William Marshall 26 Bachelor Stonemason Heage James Marshall Farmer Hannah Johnson 30 Spinster Heage James Johnson Labourer Joseph Johnson,Ellen Booth
84 04/11/1863 Alfred Maycock 24 Bachelor Coalminer Heage Ralph Maycock Cupola Tender Sarah Ann Smith 23 Spinster Heage Anthony Smith Joiner Anthony Smith,Emma Smith
85 12/11/1863 Isaac Bowmer 32 Bachelor Farmer Heage Benjamin Bowmer Miller Ann Smith 19 Spinster Crich Ralph Sheldon Smith Farmer Joseph Wrigley Severn,Dorothy Elizabeth Severn
86 02/01/1864 Thomas Ogle 22 Bachelor Engineer Derby Joseph Ogle Engineer Mary Shore 17 Spinster Heage Isaac Shore Miller Edward Ogle,Elizabeth Smith Ogle
87 25/04/1864 Benjamin Clegg Full Widower Quarryman Heage William Clegg Quarryman Elizabeth Turner Full Widow Heage Christopher Gubbings Farmer John Alton,Ann Storer
88 28/04/1864 Samuel Beighton 40 Bachelor Labourer Heage Thomas Beighton Labourer Hannah Briggs 44 Widow Heage George Whyld F.W.Knitter George Beardmore,Mary Ann Briggs
89 16/05/1864 Edwin Bowler 21 Bachelor Labourer Heage Isaac Bowler Collier Ann Sarah Shore 17 Spinster Heage John Shore Iron Stone Miner Isaac Bowler, John Shore
90 07/06/1864 Samuel Hawkins Full Bachelor Miller & Maltster Heage Samuel Hawkins Farmer Mary Hawkins Full Spinster Heage John Hawkins Farmer William Clark Jun.,Martha Hawkins
91 06/02/1865 Joseph Poyser 25 Bachelor Miner Crich Thomas Poyser Mason Hannah Hibbert 20 Spinster Heage Septimus Hibbert Miler John Purdy, Jane Hibbert
92 09/02/1865 Charles Brassington 49 Widower Seedsman Heage Joseph Brassington Gardener Sarah Cartwright 48 Widow Heage William Ward Sheet Iron Roller William Buxton, Sophia Ann Staples
93 28/02/1865 Lambert West Small Full Bachelor Nurseryman Ilkeston George Small Nurseryman Elizabeth Winson Full Spinster Heage William Winson Farmer Humphry Winson
94 10/04/1865 Robert Haynes 26 Bachelor Labourer Heage John Haynes Labourer Sarah Johnson 20 Spinster Heage John Johnson Boatsman John Johnson, Elizth Johnson
95 19/04/1865 John Grogan Full Bachelor Surgeon Major 4th Dragoon Guard Newbridge Co.Kildare Willaim Grogan Clergyman Hannah Sophia Godber Wheatcroft Full Spinster Heage David Wheatcroft Gentleman (None)
96 05/06/1865 William Vallance Full Widower Collier Heage Samuel Bowmer F.W.Knitter Mary Newton Full Widow Heage Sampson Clark Collier John Clark, Ellen Wright
97 10/07/1865 James Wainwright Full Bachelor Tailor Heage David Wainwright Ironstone Miner Hannah Slter Full Widow Heage Samuel Slater Labourer George Beardmore, Charlotte Beresford (her X mark)
98 11/07/1865 Humphrey Winson Full Bachelor Miller Heage William Winson Farmer Mary Ednor Full Spinster Codnor Park Richard Ednor Publican Thomas Ednor, Eliza Winson
99 23/10/1865 Samuel Allen 21 Bachelor Collier Heage Thomas Allen Collier Ruth Naylor 25 Spinster Heage William Naylor Sexton Jabez Daniel Beardmore, Hannah Shelton
100 24/10/1865 Emmanuel Hall 21 Bachelor Marble Mason Heage William Hall Labourer Hannah Lynam 27 Spinster Heage Thomas Lynam Labourer William Lynam, Emily Hall
101 08/11/1865 Henry Walker 19 Bachelor Miner Heage Thomas Walker Miner Mary Bell 18 Spinster Heage James Marriott Collier George Hayes (his X mark), Ann Stocks(her X mark)
102 16/04/1866 Jospeh Mitchell 26 Bachelor Collier Heage Thomas Mitchell Labourer Fanny Walters 20 Spinster Heage James Walters Wheelwright Samuel Bowmer (his X mark), Ann Ben….. Beardmore
103 16/04/1866 Richard Marshal 24 Bachelor Collier Heage Humphry Marshall Labourer Ann Matkin 18 Spinster Heage Richard Matkin Labourer Herbert Street, Mary Street
104 14/05/1866 James ims 28 Bachelor Collier Heage James Sims Collier Sarah Hannah Stone 23 Spinster Heage Samuel Stone Collier Jospeh Mitchell (his X mark), Anne Sims (her X mark)
105 17/05/1866 David Whysall Full Widower Farmer Ripley Robert Whysall Farmer Sarah Moore Full Spinster Heage Henry Moore Publican Henry Flint, Elizabeth Ann Moore
106 22/05/1866 Samuel Bowmer Full Bachelor Collier Heage John Bowmer Collier Ann Benigan Beardmore Full Spinster Heage George Beardmore Grocer Jabez Daniel Beardmore, Eunice Smithard
107 14/06/1866 William Coope 33 Bachelor Collier Heage William Coope Collier Ann Neil 25 Spinster Heage Wiliam Aldred F.W.Knitter George Beardmore, Amelia Pyatt (her X mark)
108 23/08/1866 William Morris 26 Bachelor Policeman Belper William Morris Miner Annie Waterall 23 Spinster Heage John Waterall Farmer Isaac Cutler, Ann Allsop
109 23/08/1866 John Taylor 37 Widower Miller Heage Henry Taylor Chair Maker Elizabeth Dalby 32 Widow Heage Matthew Bacon Collier George Beardmore, Mary Street
110 18/09/1866 Samuel Clarke Full Widower Clerk Heage John Clarke Nail Maker Caroline Taylor Full Spinster Alfreton George Stanley Taylor Miller H……y Taylor, Mary Clarke
111 12/02/1867 Thomas Lynam 43 Widower Labourer Heage Thomas Lynam Shoemaker Ann Aldread 30 Spinster Heage Edward Aldread Nailer George Beardmore, Rebecca Roe
112 11/06/1867 William Truman Full Bachelor Grazier Heage William Truman Grazier Mary Rosewarne Full Spinster Heage Richard Rosewarne Book keeper George Birley, Sarah Anne Walters
113 30/09/1867 William Earp 20 Bachelor Labourer Heage Thomas Earp Carpenter Eliza Jacques 19 Spinster Heage Benjamin Jacques Collier Joseph Sellars (his X mark), Harriett Sellars (her X mark)
114 21/10/1867 Charles Seam 25 Bachelor Miner Heage Jesse Seam Miner Jane Myford 21 Spinster Heage John Myford Miner George Beardmore, Mary Ellen Seam (her X mark)
115 23/10/1867 George Whawell Full Widower Farmer Heage William Whawell Wheelwright Mary Sims Full Spinster Heage Joseph Sims Farmer Elias Whawell, Jane Sims
116 23/10/1867 Jabez Daniel Beardmore Full Bachelor Joiner Heage George Beardmore Grocer Eunice Smithard Full Spinster Heage Samuel Smithard Boat Builder Josh Smithard, Mary Louisa Sandars
117 04/11/1867 John Wood 24 Bachelor Farm Servant Heage Joseph Wood Farm Labourer Mary Willott 25 Spinster Heage George Willott Farmer Benjamin Willott, Sarah Wood
118 25/12/1867 Edwin Cree 26 Widower Pork Butcher Mansfield William Cree Cotton Doubler Mary Ann Willey 26 Spinster Heage James Willey Timber Merchant Joseph Coope, Mary Ann Turner
119 20/01/1868 Joseph Key 27 Bachelor Pointsman Heage Joseph Key Boatsman Martha Whawell 30 Spinster Heage James Whawell Sawyer George Key, Eliza Whawell
120 20/01/1868 Job Bunting Full Widower Toll Collector Heage Samuel Bunting Miner Sarah Allsop Full Spinster Heage John Allsop Weaver John Bunting, Rebekah Allsop
121 17/03/1868 John Purdy 22 Bachelor Miller South Wingfield James Purdy Farmer Jane Hibbert 20 Spinster Heage Septimus Hibbert Miller Benjamin Hibbert Junr, Anne Purdy
122 06/05/1868 William Smith Full Bachelor Farmer Belper Charles Smith Farmer Hannah Bonsall Full Spinster Heage Matthew Bonsall Farmer Fanny Smith, Charles Smith
123 18/05/1868 William Stone 23 Bachelor Miner Heage Henry Barnes Railway Labourer Agnes Cooper 15 Spinster Heage Jospeh Cooper Collier Albert England, Fanny Cooper
124 27/05/1868 Samuel Allsop Full Bachelor Farmer Heage Samuel Allsop Farmer Elizabeth Hawkins Full Spinster Heage Samuel Hawkins Farmer Samuel Hawkins, Sarah Hawkins
125 01/06/1868 John Argile 23 Bachelor Miner Heage Samuel Fox (none) Mary Shore 18 Spinster Heage John Shore Miner Isaac Shore, Ann Sarah Bowler
126 21/06/1868 Jonathan Bradley 39 Widower Labourer Heage James Bradley Labourer Ann Taylor 40 Spinster Heage Samuel Taylor Labourer Charles Edwards, Eliza ………
127 06/07/1868 Thomas Weightman 23 Bachelor Miner Heage James Weightman Miner Rhoda Stone 19 Spinster Heage James Stone Miner Moses Weightman, Harriett Stone (her X mark)
128 27/07/1868 Jeremiah Walters Full Widower Miner Heage Andrew Moore Farmer Jemimah Moore Full Widow Heage William Parkin Miner John Barlow, Phobe Cresswell (her X mark)
129 17/08/1868 James Holehouse 29 Bachelor Labourer Heage John Mellor F.W.Knitter Mahala Hickenbottom 18 Spinster Heage William Hickenbottom Labourer Christopher Ward, Hannah Severn
130 18/08/1868 Charles Edwards Full Widower Ry… Pointsman Heage Nathaniel Edwards Farmer Eliza Cooper Full Spinster Heage William Cooper Labourer John Cooper, Hannah Sims
131 18/08/1868 Henry Booth Full Widower Labourer Heage Thomas Booth Collier Mary Bacon Full Widow Heage Benjamin Marshall Stone Mason M Hawkins, George Beardmore
132 19/10/1868 John Flint Full Widower Butcher Heage Hiram Flint Fitter Catherine Stone Full Spinster Heage John Stone Mason Benjamin Edwin Stone, Catherine Booth
133 19/10/1868 Robert Pall Full Bachelor Collier Heage Edward Pall Miller Ellen Slater Full Spinster Breadsall George Slater Labourer William Slater (his X mark), Frances Beardmore (her X mark)
134 19/10/1868 Robert Cope 20 Bachelor Miner Heage Thomas Cope Miner Mary Key 19 Spinster Heage James Key Miner Thomas Key, Hannah Bonsall (her X mark)
135 28/10/1868 Thomas Lea 28 Bachelor Builder Ripley John Lea Bricklayer Mary Ward 22 Spinster Heage Robert Ward Joiner Allan Bowker, Martha Ward
136 25/12/1868 Israel Leam 16 Bachelor Collier Heage Charles Leam F.W.Knitter Elizabeth Barber 17 Spinster Heage Joseph Barber S……… Tailor Thomas Leam, Mary Leam
137 22/03/1869 George Massey Full Bachelor Farmer Heage John Massey Miller Elizabeth Burnett Full Spinster Heage Richard Burnett Farmer John Thompson, Jane Archer
138 25/12/1869 George Bowler 25 Bachelor Carpenter Pentrich George Bowler Collier Bailiff Martha Rebecca Ward 20 Spinster Heage Robert Ward Cabinet Maker P…. Bowler, Mary Bowler
139 08/02/1870 John Mills 24 Bachelor Miner Heage Humphrey Mills Miner Sophia Chadwick 26 Spinster Heage James Chadwick Labourer Jospeh Chadwick(his X mark), Ann Chadwick (her X mark)
140 18/04/1870 Jesse Bowler 22 Bachelor Miner Heage Jesse Bowler Miner Mary Ellen Leam 21 Spinster Heage Jesse Leam Miner Samuel Bowler, Annie Leam
141 18/04/1870 Francis Brown Naylor 24 Bachelor Labourer Heage William Naylor Sexton Hannah Hawkins 20 Spinster Heage Jacob Hawkins Railway Labourer Jacob Hawkins, Ruth Allen
142 18/04/1870 Joseph Hawkins 24 Bachelor Railway Labourer Heage Jacob Hawkins Railway Labourer Martha Bradley 25 Spinster Heage James Bradley Labourer Jacob Hawkins, Ruth Allen
143 01/05/1870 Thomas Naylor 23 Bachelor Labourer Heage John Naylor Labourer Emma West 22 Spinster Heage John West F.W.Knitter John West, Sarah Scarthern
144 05/09/1870 Thomas Millner Hall Full Widower Labourer Heage Jonathan Hall (deceased) Collier Martha Martin Full Spinster Heage Joseph Martin (deceased) Collier John James Street, Matilda Hooksley (her X mark)
145 19/09/1870 Ephraim Stone 22 Bachelor Miner Heage John Stone Mason Mary Hawkins 18 Spinster Heage Thomas Hawkins Miner Joseph Smith Shore, Ruth Stone
146 27/12/1870 John Dawes 20 Bachelor Grocer Crich William Dawes Contractor Jane Hawkins 20 Spinster Heage Samuel Hawkins Farmer Samuel Hawkins, Sarah Hawkins
147 08/01/1871 George Basford 28 Bachelor Joiner Heage John Basford Painter Mary Walkingham 29 Spinster Heage John Walkingham Farmer Robert Hill, Sarah Key
148 14/04/0874 Adam Walker 27 Bachelor Miner Heage Adam Walker Labourer Elizabeth Ellis 16 Spinster Heage George Ellis Miner Joseph Carlin (his X mark), Martha Ellis
149 09/07/1874 Enoch Shore Full Bachelor Miller Heage Isaac Shore Miller Maria Hunt Full Spinster Heage William Hunt Farmer John Hunt, Matilda Hunt
150 27/07/1874 Fred Rodgers 23 Bachelor Butcher Heage Gervase Rodgers Butcher Emma Jepson 24 Spinster Heage Joseph Jepson Farmer C John Coupe, Susannah Watts Jepson
151 08/08/1874 Elias Grix 31 Bachelor Blacksmith Heage Christopher Grix Farmer Jane Whiter 23 Spinster Paddington, London william Whiter Butcher James E Banting, Emily Page
152 24/10/1874 Charles Stone 22 Bachelor Bricklayer Heage John Stone Bricklayer Maria Murphy 18 Spinster Heage John Murphy Gamekeeper John Ellis (his X mark), Anne Ellis
153 25/12/1874 Amos Thompson 40 Bachelor Farmer Heage Geroge Thompson Farmer Emma Greenhough 38 Widow Heage George Key Labourer James Bakewell, Jane Mitilda Thompson
154 04/01/1875 Thomas Stockton 34 Widower Groom Castle Donnington Samuel Stockton Keeper Sarah Hawley 30 Spinster Heage Jerard Hawley Overseer of M……r William Naylor (his X mark), Rebecca Fisher Nelson
155 25/01/1875 John Hargraves 24 Bachelor Miner Heage Isaac Hargraves Labourer Emma Sutton 21 Spinster Heage William Sutton Miner William Hargraves (his X mark), Jane Walker (her X mark)
156 07/04/1875 Joel Stone 33 Widower Miner Heage William Stone Miner Emma Sims 34 Spinster Heage James Sims Miner James Sims, Ann Sims
157 31/05/1875 Vincent Joseph Beardmore 27 Bachelor Joiner Heage George Beardmore Grocer Mary Ann Whawell 19 Spinster Heage William Whawell Wheelwright Thomas Albert Hayle, Sarah Jane Whawell
158 02/06/1875 John James Peach Full Bachelor Coachman Heage Robert Peach Brickmaker Sarah Ann Smith Full Spinster South Wingfield John Smith Farmer Francis N Smith, Emma Copp
159 09/08/1875 John Bonsall 25 Bachelor Collier Heage George Bonsall Collier Mary Ann Riley 22 Spinster Heage George Riley Collier Thomas Bonsall, Elizabeth Bonsall (her X mark)
160 17/08/1875 William Hardcastle 29 Bachelor Domestic Servant Askham Bryan, Yorkshire Benjamin Hardcastle Butler Hannah Watts Jepson 29 Spinster Heage Joseph Jepson Farmer John Jepson, Rebecca Key
161 02/09/1875 Thomas Bloomfield 32 Bachelor Labourer Heage James Bloomfield Labourer Margaret Bowler 23 Spinster Domestic Servant Heage Joseph Bowler Farmer Samuel Hall, Hannah Smith
162 08/11/1875 William Malbone 20 Bachelor Pipe Maker Ripley Edward Malbone Furnaceman Rachel Walker 18 Spinster Heage John Walker Collier James Gilbert (his X mark), Emily Jane Gilbert (her X mark)
163 25/12/1875 Edward Miles 23 Bachelor Ry Guard Derby Samuel Miles Gardener Hannah Hawkins 23 Spinster Heage Francis Hawkins Collier William Adey, Agnes Hannah Bowler (her X mark)
164 27/12/1875 David Wainwright 21 Bachelor Miner Heage David Wainwright Miner Sarah Twigg 19 Spinster Heage Richard Twigg Labouer Isaac Twigg, Mary Allsop
165 17/04/1876 William Wain 21 Bachelor Miner Heage William Wain Miner Elizabeth Bonsall 19 Spinster Heage George Bonsall Miner Thomas Bonsall, Mary Ann Wain
166 17/01/1871 George Jospeh Twigg 21 Bachelor Blacksmith Heage James Twigg Wheelwright Ann Walker 19 Spinster Heage Samuel Walker Farmer Samuel Webster Smith, William Naylor (his X mark)
167 30/01/1871 Samuel Sparham 22 Bachelor Collier Heage Samuel Sparham Labourer Julia Handley 16 Spinster Heage Samuel Handley Hawker Samuel Bowler, Annie Fearn
168 09/04/1871 Thomas Leam 21 Bachelor Miner Heage Charles Leam F.W.Knitter Ann Stone 22 Spinster Heage George Stone Miner Stephen Slater, Emma Stone
169 10/04/1871 James Gration 22 Bachelor Miner Heage John Ashton Labourer Hannah Bonsall 23 Spinster Heage George Bonsall Miner John Bonsall, Sarah Ann Keetley (her X mark)
170 17/04/1871 Henry Rawson 20 Bachelor Railway Official Derby William Rawson Grocer Eliza Ashton 20 Spinster Heage William Ashton Grocer Edward Taylor, Susannah Ashton
171 16/05/1871 John Booth Full Bachelor Grocer Belper Roberth Booth Gentleman Sarah Hawkins Full Spinster Heage Samuel Hawkins Maltster Samuel Hawkins, Louisa Marsh
172 01/07/1871 Alexander Bradley 42 Bachelor Collier Heage John Bradley Boatsman Mary Bell 42 Spinster Heage John Brown Sinker Henry Walker (his X mark), Sarah Hardy (her X mark)
173 23/07/1871 Samuel Bowler 18 Bachelor Collier Heage Jesse Bowler Miner Annie Leam 17 Spinster Heage Jesse Leam Miner Jesse Hoole, Jemima Walters (her X mark)
174 06/07/1871 Robert Booth 35 Bachelor Railway Labourer Heage Robert Booth Labourer Emma Milward 29 Spinster Heage Thomas Milward Collier Freeman Milward, Sarah Ann Milward
175 10/07/1871 Joseph Smith Shore 18 Bachelor Miller Heage Isaac Shore Miller Alice Elizabeth Ruth Stone 19 Spinster Heage John Stone Mason George Gration, Catherine Nairn
176 01/08/1871 David Shelley 36 Bachelor Licensed Victualler Newcastle under Lyme George Shelley Dairyman Elizabeth Jane Jepson 34 Spinster Heage Jospeh Jepson Farmer Job Booth, Hannah Ruth Jepson
177 02/08/1871 William Stone 28 Bachelor Miner Heage Samuel Gration Shoemaker Ann Rodgers 30 Widow Heage Samuel Smith Labourer Francis Hardy (her X mark), Sarah Hardy (her X mark)
178 28/08/1871 William Fulward 24 Bachelor Collier Heage Cornelius Fulward Enginer Trader Elizabeth Jepson 21 Spinster Heage William Jepson Collier Herbert Leam (his X mark), Martha Fulward (her X mark)
179 23/10/1871 Thomas Moxon 50 Widower Plate layer on the line Heage Thomas Moxon Mill Hand Sarah Sanders 44 Widow Heage Thomas Smith Nail Maker John Swift (his X mark), Ellen Wright (her X mark)
180 28/01/1872 James Fulward 19 Bachelor Collier Heage Cornelius Fulward Engine Tender Hannah Smith 23 Spinster Heage Robert Hawley Boiler Maker James tock (his X mark), Martha Fullward (her X mark)
181 14/05/1872 Edward Voss 26 Bachelor Printer Walford Jospeh Voss Farmer Clara Payne 23 Spinster Heage William Payne Plumber Charles Payne, Dorothy Elizabeth Severne
182 19/05/1872 Joseph Bowmer 20 Bachelor Miner Heage John Bowmer Miner Hannah Smith 20 Spinster Heage George Smith Farmer Thomas Shore, Sarah Smith
183 20/05/1872 Alfred Lilley 22 Bachelor Farm Servant Heage John Lilley F.W.Knitter Hannah Reid 22 Spinster Heage Charles Reid F.W.Knitter Henry Lilley, Matilda Reid (her X mark)
184 18/06/1872 John Cooper 27 Bachelor Railway Labourer Heage William Coop;er Labourer Elizabeth Harrison 30 Spinster Wirksworth Robert Harrison Bricklayer William Moor, Jane Lowther
185 08/05/1876 Francis Joseph Nally 22 Bachelor Boot Closer Derby Francis Joseph Nally Boot Closer Mary Ann Leam 21 Spinster Heage Charles Leam F.W.Knitter Francis King, Emma Bramley
186 15/05/1876 John Stone 20 Bachelor Miner Heage John Stone Miner Elizabeth Ann Gregory 20 Spinster Heage Samuel Gregory Foundry Man Samuel Gregory (his X mark), Jemima Walters (her X mark)
187 16/05/1876 Thomas Brown 20 Bachelor Engine Driver Heage Thomas Brown Enginer Mary Ann Cole 18 Spinster Heage David Cole Pointsman Edward Brown, Eliza Lock
188 05/06/1876 Thomas Lynam 23 Bachelor Wood Turner Crich James Lynam Collier Sarah Berrisford 22 Spinster Heage Francis Berrisford Railway Porter William Beresford, Hannah mith (her X mark)
189 11/07/1876 Thomas Coupe 27 Bachelor Platelayer Ripley John Coupe Platelayer Sarah Key 19 Spinster Heage William Key Farmer John Jepson, Rebecca Key
190 31/07/1876 George Rawson 21 Bachelor Clerk Heage William Rawson Grocer Hannah Elizabeth Jackson 19 Spinster Belper John Jackson Nailor John Rawson, Ellen Yardley
191 31/07/1876 Thomas Coope 39 Bachelor Miner Heage William Coope Miner Sarah Kinder 24 Spinster Heage William Kinder Labourer Zarah Street, Eliza Martin (her x mark)
192 14/08/1876 William Allwood 23 Bachelor Framework Knitter Crich Thomas Allwood Framework Knitter Mary Ann Derwin 21 Spinster Heage Michael Derwin Farmer Michael Derwin, Elizabeth Leam
193 09/10/1876 William Hand Full Widower Miner Heage Francis Hand Labourer Ann Dickinson Full Widow Heage James Walters Miner William Bridges, Ann Bridges (her x mark)
194 22/10/1876 William Bowler 20 Bachelor Miner Heage William Thompson Miner Rebecca Ottowell 21 Spinster Heage Isaac Frost Shoemaker Zarah Street, Dorothy Ellis (her x mark)
195 18/11/1876 Albert Pick Wilkins 21 Bachelor Railway Porter Heage John Wilkins Labourer Hananh Allen 23 Spinster Heage James Allen Labourer James Allen (his X mark), Elizabeth Rodgers
196 06/11/1877 William Flint 22 Bachelor Stonemason Heage George Flint Gardener Ellen Wright 21 Spinster Heage Richard Wright Farmer James Birley, Edith Wright
197 06/03/1877 Charles Goodall 28 Bachelor Engine Driver Heage John Goodall Joiner Elizabeth Beresford 21 Spinster Heage Francis Beresford Railway Porter George Beresford (his x mark), Dinah Beresford (her x mark)
198 07/03/1877 Patrick O'Grady Full Bachelor Farm Labourer Wirksworth William O'Grady Farm Labourer Elizabeth Allen Full Spinster Heage Thomas Allen Carrier Frederick Allen, Thirza Allen
199 30/03/1877 Willoughby England 25 Widower Miner Heage John England Miner Mary Ann Statham 20 Spinster Heage Joseph Statham Miner Abraham Statham, Sylvia England
200 23/05/1877 Charles Henry Morgan Full Bachelor Machinist Heage Charles Hill Morgan Manager Jessie Wallace West Full Widow Heage William White Plumber T Allsop, F Tongue
201 23/05/1877 Samuel Allsop 21 Bachelor Farmer Heage Thomas Allsop Farmer Rebecca Booth 20 Spinster Ripley Joseph Booth Saddler Joseph Booth, Mary Ann Allsop
202 01/07/1877 Arthur Bristow 21 Bachelor Bricklayer Heage Henry Bristow Joiner Eleanor Buxton 19 Spinster Heage Charles Buxton Elastic Weaver Charles Debman, Emma Debman
203 02/07/1877 Joseph Hunt 22 Bachelor Miner Ripley Joseph Hunt Miner Alice Spray 26 Spinster Heage John Spray Labourer William Spray (his x mark), Mary Ann Allsop
204 04/07/1877 David Scott Park Full Bachelor Physician & Surgeon Middlesbro' Yorkshire David Scott Park Merchant Francis Adelaide Swayne Full Spinster Heage Richard Swayne Custom House Official Joseph Tristram, Francis N Smith, Mary Edith Baines
205 31/07/1877 James Bradley Full Bachelor Boatsman Heage John Bradley Boatsman Hannah Bonsall Full Spinster Heage William Bonsall Collier John James Street, Susannah Bradley (her x mark)
206 31/08/1877 William Hodgkinson 25 Bachelor Maltster Heage John Hodgkinson Joiner Mary Vallance 18 Spinster Heage William Vallance Collier Thomas Harrison Hodgkinson, Ann Swift
207 20/09/1877 Francis Garratt 29 Widower Police Constable Heage Francis Garratt Labourer Ann Smith 19 Spinster Crich William Smith Quarry-man Josiah Oakden, Mary Kneebone
208 22/10/1877 James Kirkland 24 Bachelor Miner Heage James Kirkland Miner Louisa Nelson 20 Spinster Heage Robert Nelson F.W.Knitter Elias Kirkland (his x mark), Jane Kirkland
209 02/12/1877 William Hargreaves 19 Bachelor Miner Heage Isaac Hargreaves Labourer Annie Champion 16 Spinster Heage Edwin Champion Labourer Edwin Champion, Rebecca Hargreaves
210 25/12/1877 James Wesson 21 Bachelor Miner Heage William Wesson Labourer Alice Breedon 21 Spinster Heage John Breedon Miner William Wesson (his x mark), Hannah Breedon
211 30/12/1877 Samuel Stirland Flint Full Widower Miner Heage Samuel Flint Labourer Ann Woolley Full Widow Belper Jacob Jackson Miner John Flint, Mary Ann Hufton (her x mark)
212 31/12/1877 George Wragg 18 Bachelor Farmer Heage George Wragg Farmer Jane Sims 27 Spinster Heage Jospeh Sims Farmer Francis Wragg, Ann Wragg
213 06/01/1878 Thomas Radage 30 Bachelor Signal Man Ripley James Radage Collier Esther Ann Hogg 18 Spinster Heage James Hogg Plate Layer Thomas Hogg (his X mark), Annie Hogg (her X mark)
214 04/03/1878 Thomas Leek 24 Bachelor Collier Riddings Geroge Leek Engineer Hannah Breedon 19 Spinster Heage John Breedon Collier William Key, Harriet Key
215 11/03/1878 John Coope 33 Widower Miner Heage William Coope Miner Mary Ellen Alton 24 Spinster Heage John Alton F.W.Knitter William Alton, Elizabeth Alton (her X mark)
216 21/05/1878 John Radford Full Bachelor Farmer Crich Samuel Radford Maltster Annie Caroline Storey Bates Full Spinster Heage George Grey Bates Agent John Henry Day, Geo Hawkins, Alithea Elizabeth Hawkins
217 03/06/1878 William Boneham 28 Bachelor Labourer Heage John Boneham Labourer Anne Pegg 26 Spinster Heage William Pegg Labourer Thomas Freeman, Emma Argile
218 09/06/1878 James Stone 19 Bachelor Miner Heage Hiram Stone Licensed Victualler Elizabeth Hardy 19 Spinster Heage George Hardy Miner David Hardy, Ann Rebecca Stone
219 05/08/1878 William Parkin 23 Bachelor Joiner Ripley William Parkin Blacksmith Rebecca Key 24 Spinster Heage William Key Farmer Bryan Turner, Emma Rodgers
220 06/08/1878 John Henry Day 25 Bachelor Agent Ripley George Day Accountant Alethea Elizabeth Hawkins 25 Spinster Heage John Hawkins Farmer Edwd J lliott, Wm A Harrison, Henry Middleton, M Hawkins, S J Hawkins
221 13/08/1878 James John Shelton Full Bachelor Brick Manufacturer Ripley Charles Shelton Auctioneer Mary Morrell Full Spinster Heage Joseph Morrell Farmer Joseph Morrell, Rebecca Morrell
222 22/07/1872 Israel Poyser 28 Bachelor Warehouseman Walton on the Hill Israel Poyser Wheelwright Mary Grundy 25 Spinster Heage Charles Grundy Station Master Thos Poyser, Elizabeth Grundy
223 25/08/1872 Ephraim Walters Full Bachelor Miner Heage Not Known Mary Ottowell Full Spinster Heage Benjamin Ottowell Deceased Zarah Steel, Rebecca Ottowell
224 21/10/1872 Daniel Martin 34 Widower Miner Heage Samuel Martin Miner Hannah Taylor 36 Widow Heage Peter Ellacock Calendener William Martin (his X mark), Sarah Smith
225 16/12/1872 Thomas Yates 45 Bachelor Labourer Heage John Yates Labourer Hannah Leam 48 Widow Heage Thomas Newton Labourer James Kildaur (his X mark), Ellen Gotheridge (her X mark)
226 16/12/1872 James Stone 26 Bachelor Miner Heage Samuel Bramley Shoemaker Sarah Hunt 23 Spinster Heage Godfrey Hunt Nailor James Kirkland (his X mark), Ellen Gotheridge (her X mark)
227 29/12/1872 David Key 37 Bachelor Miner Heage Henry Key Miner Lydia Stone 36 Spinster Heage John Stone Mason George Hardy (his X mark), George Hardy Jun
228 10/03/1873 William Earpe 25 Widower Labourer Heage Thomas Earpe Joiner Matilda Reade 21 Spinster Heage Charles Reade F.W.Knitter Alfred Lilley (his X mark), Paulina Beardall (her X mark)
229 10/04/1873 Samuel Cooper 21 Bachelor Labourer Heage William Cooper Miner Mary Ann Allen 21 Spinster Heage James Allen Labourer Charles Edward, Hannah Allen
230 11/04/1873 Alfred Cole 22 Bachelor Blacksmith Whittington William Cole Tailor Sarah Crofts Blackham 23 Spinster Heage Ambrose Blackham Gunsmith William Blackham, Susanah Blackham
231 11/04/1873 Moses Weightman 23 Bachelor Miner Heage James Weightman Miner Jane Key 20 Spinster Heage George Key Boatsman George Key, Mary Ann Key
232 11/04/1873 Thomas Swift 21 Bachelor Shoemaker Heage Henry Swift Collier Mary Ann Weightman 21 Spinster Heage James Weightman Collier Samuel Allsop, Sarah Twigg
233 11/04/1873 William Auckland 21 Bachelor Miner Heage Richard Auckland Joiner Harriett Stone 21 Spinster Heage James Stone Miner Thomas Swift, Mary Ann Swift
234 27/04/1873 William Martin 26 Bachelor Labourer Heage Samuel Martin Miner Sarah Smith 22 Spinster Heage George Smith Farmer Joseph Bowmer (his X mark), Hannah Bowmer
235 08/05/1873 James Simpson Full Widower Gentleman Heage John Simpson Gun Maker Catherine Howitt Full Spinster Heage James Howitt Canal Agent Wm Howitt, Harriett Howitt
236 27/05/1873 William Radford 22 Bachelor Joiner Crich Thomas Radford Sawyer Sarah Sims 29 Spinster Heage John Sims Farmer John Sims Snr, Lydia Radford
237 05/06/1873 James Birley 21 Bachelor Marble Mason Middleton by Wirksworth George Birley Foreman Elizabeth Wright 20 Spinster Heage Richard Wright Farmer Geo W Howard, Ellen Wright
238 09/06/1873 George Walker 23 Bachelor Miner Heage Adam Walker Labourer Dorothy Allsop 21 Spinster Heage John Allsop Labourer Samuel Allsop, Sarah Hannah Matkin
239 22/06/1873 Joseph Hawkins 28 Widower Labourer Heage Joseph Hawkins Labourer Fanny Blackham 27 Widow Heage Samuel Arminshaw Farmer F Blackshaw, E Armishaw
240 08/09/1873 William John Whittingham 23 Bachelor Pattern Maker Belper Thomas Whittingham Night Watchman Mary Lambert 18 Spinster Heage Henry Lambert Labourer Henry Walters, Elizabeth Hatfield
241 23/02/1874 Thomas Clark 20 Bachelor Collier Heage John Clark Nailor Hannah Williamson 23 Spinster Heage Samuel Williamson Collier Joseph Briggs (his X mark), Eliza Williamson (her X mark)
242 08/03/1874 Charles Sowter Mills 21 Bachelor Engine Driver Heage William Mills Engineer Lucy Ann Hinds 20 Spinster Heage William Hinds Labourer Albert England, Fanny England
243 23/03/1874 William Coope 22 Bachelor Miner Heage Thomas Coope Miner Emma Hardy 23 Spinster Heage Geroge Hardy Miner Thomas Coope, Georgehana Coope
244 23/03/1874 Luke Wainwright 20 Bachelor Collier North Wingfield James Wainwright Collier Sarah Elizabeth Bramley 21 Spinster Heage Joseph Bramley Butcher Thomas Harrison Hodgkinson, Ellen Wright (her X mark)
245 09/04/1874 Isaac Spencer 29 Bachelor Miner Ironville Humphry Spencer Miner Emma Brown 25 Spinster Heage John Brown Labourer George Brown, Sarah Spencer
246 15/09/1878 Alfred Beardsley 23 Bachelor Labourer Heage George Beardsley Labourer Fanny Lichfield 18 Spinster Heage James Litchfield Nail Maker Nail Maker
247 01/12/1878 Benjamin Greation Cooper 23 Bachelor Labourer Pentrich Samuel Cooper Labourer Hannah Potter 19 Spinster Heage Saul Potter Labourer Joseph Kendall, Harriett Bacon
248 20/01/1879 George Sellors 25 Bachelor Warehouseman Crich John Sellors Lead Smelter Emily Key 21 Spinster Heage George Key Boatman James Sellors, Edna Key
249 24/02/1879 Francis Street Bachelor Miner Heage John Walters Miner Fanny Bramley 19 Spinster Heage Jospeh Bramley Butcher Samuel Redfern (his X mark), Susan Freen Gregory (her X mark)
250 24/02/1879 Samuel Redfern 23 Bachelor Contactor Heage Samuel Redfern Contractor Susan Freen Gregory 19 Spinster Heage Samuel Gregory Labourer Francis Street, Fanny Bramley
251 18/03/1879 Arthur Fowke 23 Bachelor Labourer Quorndon William Fowke Shoemaker Louisa Bowmer 25 Spinster Heage John Bowmer Collier William Fowke, Fanny Bowmer (her X mark)
252 31/03/1879 George Twigg 21 Bachelor Labourer Heage Richard Twigg Labourer Mary Matthews 20 Spinster Heage William Matthews Labourer Thomas Taylor, Hannah Bowmer
253 14/07/1879 Thomas Taylor 23 Bachelor Potter Ripley Thomas Taylor Potter Elizabeth Hannah Bowmer 24 Spinster Heage John Bowmer Miner George Pilkington Taylor, William Kirk, Evangeline Bowmer,Annie Taylor
254 14/07/1879 John Clayton 20 Bachelor Porter Heage Henry Clayton Farm Labourer Hannah Easthope 21 Spinster Heage James Easthope Farm Labourer James Holmes, Mary Holmes
255 09/02/1880 William Key 22 Bachelor Miner Heage James Key Miner Harriet Ann Blount 21 Spinster Heage Hedidiah Blount Miner William Payne, Harriet Key
256 30/03/1880 John Pollard 26 Bachelor Farmer Milford Thomas Pollard Farmer Sarah Rowbotham Alton 18 Spinster Heage Jospeh Alton Farmer Jospeh Lynam Alton, Elizabeth Mary Alton
257 28/04/1880 Thomas Brown Illsley 23 Bachelor Butcher Greenwich, Ripley Thomas Illsley Blacksmith Mary Ann Allsop 22 Spinster Heage Thomas Allsop Farmer Thomas Allsop, Hannah Illsley
258 01/05/1880 Geoge Abbott 45 Widower Wire Cleaner Heage William Abbott F.W.Knitter Mary Wyld 33 Widow Heage William Stacey Moulder Thomas Cooper, Martha Yates
259 record blank
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263 16/05/1880 William Parkin 22 Bachelor Miner Ripley Thomas Parkin Labourer Eliza Gration 23 Spinster Heage Edward Gration Miner Elijah Gration, Annie Parkin
264 14/06/1880 Thomas William Rice 24 Bachelor Groom Heage William Rice Glazier Louisa Stanley 23 Spinster Chipping Norton Henry Stanley Builder Ernese Rice, Anne Rice
265 04/07/1880 Herbert Buxton 22 Bachelor Joiner Ripley Benjamin Buxton Sawyer Mary Ann Keetley 22 Spinster Heage John Keetley Labourer Moses Bland, Sarah Ann Wheatley (her X mark)
266 04/07/1880 William Gotheridge 25 Bachelor Collier Heage Samuel Gotheridge Collier Mary Jackson 20 Spinster Heage Abraham Jackson Miner James Street, Ann Wainwright
267 30/08/1880 William Henry Kirk 21 Bachelor Miner Ripley Jospeh Kirk Miner Evangeline Bowmer 21 Spinster Heage John Bowmer Miner John Kirk, Minnie Bowmer
268 19/09/1880 Harold Preston 22 Bachelor Time Keeper Derby John William Preston Engineer Eliza Walters 23 Spinster Heage James Walters Joiner Joseph Mitchell, Fanny Mitchell
269 26/09/1880 William Goadby 26 Bachelor Frame Work Knitter Heage William Goadby Frame Work Knitter Dolly Reid 18 Spinster Heage Charles Reid Frame Work Knitter Herbert Street, Mary Street
270 18/10/1880 William Bradley 22 Bachelor Engine Driver Heage Thomas Bradley Horse Dealer Mary Chambers 18 Spinster Heage Frank Chambers Salesman Herbert Street, Mary Street
271 15/10/1880 John Henry Grundy 21 Bachelor Booking Clerk Heage Charles Grundy Station Master Sylvia England 21 Spinster Heage John England Miner Charles Jospeh Grundy, Minnie Bowmer, Annie Sophia Mosse
272 25/01/1881 Arthur Berresford 21 Bachelor Miner Heage William Berresford Miner Ann Hand 22 Spinster Heage George Hand Furnace Man John Kirk, Ann Berresford
273 20/03/1881 David Hardy 24 Bachelor Miner Heage George Hardy Miner Caroline Jackson 21 Spinster Heage John Jackson Miner William Coope, Elizabeth Stone
274 03/05/1881 John Parkin 23 Bachelor Miner Ripley John Parkin Miner Harriett Stone 19 Spinster Heage Benjamin Stone Miner Francis Whysall, Ann Rebecca Stone
275 18/05/1881 Charles Dunn 23 Bachelor Stone Cutter Matlock George Dunn Farmer Mary Ann Walker 20 Spinster Heage Thomas Walker Carrier John Wheeldon, Emily Walker
276 05/06/1881 Ralph Ault 30 Bachelor Miner Heage Daniel Ault Labourer Emma Walker 32 Spinster Heage Thomas Walker Miner Adam Walker (his X mark), Elizabeth Walker
277 06/06/1881 William Bramly 25 Bachelor Miner Heage Jospeh Bramley Butcher Mary Ann Spray 22 Spinster Heage James Spray Miner John Bramly, Emma Spray
278 03/07/1881 Archibald Fowler 21 Bachelor Turner Ripley William Besis Fowler Labourer Millicent Ellen Parkes 20 Spinster Heage John Parks Miner Henry Pancellor, Mary Ann Parkes
279 24/07/1881 David Pearson 23 Bachelor Miner Heage William Pearson Brick Maker Elizabeth Allen 20 Spinster Heage Joseph Allen Labourer Isaac Cope, Hannah Cope
280 15/08/1881 William Bradley 21 Bachelor Wire Dresser Heage Thomas Bradley Labourer Mary Godber Storer 20 Spinster Heage William Storer Miner Hiram Howitt, Hannah Bradley
281 26/12/1881 Lawrence Booth 20 Bachelor Wire Dresser Heage Charles Booth Constable Clara Emma Whawell 20 Spinster Heage William Whawell Wheelwright William Whawell, Matilda Booth
282 16/01/1882 Joseph Shelton 31 Bachelor Butcher Ripley Charles Shelton Brick Manufacturer Rebecca Morrell 27 Spinster Heage Joseph Morrell Farmer Jospeh Morrell, Jessie Shelton
283 23/01/1882 John Edwin Blount 23 Bachelor Collier Heage Isaac Blount Collier Ruth Wainwright Lees 23 Spinster Heage Samuel Wainwright Collier Richard Blount, Annie E Haynes
284 24/01/1882 Foster Grave 23 Bachelor Manufacturer Heage Fletcher Grave Manufacturer Lilla Heming Reed 26 Spinster Heage William Reed Correspondent Shipley Reed, Clara B…….. Grave
285 09/02/1882 Robert Hay Wilmot 26 Bachelor Farmer Crich John Wilmot Farmer Alice Glossop 22 Spinster Heage Joseph Glossop Timer Merchant Joseph Glossop, Lucy Glossop
286 07/04/1882 William Flint 33 Widower Miner Heage Joseph Flint Miner Ann Bilton 21 Spinster Heage Frederick Bilton Miner Frederick Hunt, Mary Ann Flint (her X mark)
287 09/05/1882 Henry Inger 22 Bachelor Collier Ripley John Inger Collier Hannah Cope 20 Spinster Heage John Cope Collier Isaac Cope, Mary Ann Smith
288 23/05/1882 Joseph Bowmer 23 Bachelor Engine Driver Heage George Bowmer Engine Driver Ann Rebecca Stone 21 Spinster Heage Hiram Stone Publican Goerge Bowmer, Ellen Bowmer
289 28/05/1882 George Bonsell 22 Bachelor Wire Dresser Heage James Bradley Boatman Mary Ann Nelson 21 Spinster Heage Roberth Nelson Stocking Maker John James Street, Sarah Bonsell (her X mark)
290 29/05/1882 John Ludlam 21 Bachelor Collier Ripley Thomas Ludlam Engine Driver Sarah Martin 19 Spinster Heage David Martin Collier Henry Ludlam, Eveline Baram
291 02/07/1882 John Statham 21 Bachelor Collier Heage George Statham Miner Elizabeth Blount 21 Spinster Heage Jedidiah Blount Miner Titus Roe, Betsy Smith
292 23/07/1882 Ambrose Taylor 24 Bachelor Boiler Maker Duffield James Taylor F.W.Knitter Sarah Hand 18 Spinster Heage George Hand Founder Samuel Booth, Martha Stone
293 24/07/1882 Amos William Key 23 Bachelor Wire Dresser Heage George Key Cattle Dealer Maria Hayes 20 Spinster Heage Thomas Hayes Farmer George Poplar, Lydia Poplar
294 05/08/1882 Joseph William Smith 22 Bachelor Wire Dresser Heage Samuel Webster Smith Shoemaker Elizabeth Needham 24 Spinster Heage William Needham Miner Albert Smith, Martha Needham
295 09/08/1882 William Wright 22 Bachelor Miner Heage Joseph Wright Miner Martha Weightman 20 Spinster Heage James Weightman Miner Willm Weightman, Mary Ann Wright
296 16/08/1882 John Stone 22 Bachelor Railway Labourer Heage David Key Miner Hane Barber 21 Spinster Heage Joseph Barber Engine Tender Henry Slater, Kate Smith
297 12/09/1882 John Booth Full Widower Grocer Belper Robert William Booth Gentleman Martha Hawkins Full Spinster Heage John Hawkins Gentleman E I Elliott, S H Hawkins
298 25/09/1882 George Allsop 23 Bachelor Blacksmith Ripley James Allsop Farmer Marianne Fletcher 20 Spinster Heage William Fletcher Farmer Frank Fletcher, Mary Ann Allsop
299 24/12/1882 George William Mosley 19 Bachelor Machine Clerk Ripley William Mosley Traveller Annie Cooper 17 Spinster Heage Joseph Cooper Collier John Thomas Shore Cooper, Mary Ann Mosley
300 16/01/1883 Hamlet Foulks 22 Bachelor Collier Ripley Henry Smith Painter Annie Maria Blount 27 Spinster Heage Isaac Blount Collier Isaac Potter, Sarah Elizabeth Parkin
301 31/01/1883 Alfred Gotheridge Full Bachelor Farmer Belper Thomas Gotheridge Farmer Sarah Moorley Full Spinster Heage William Moorley Labourer Thomas Gotheridge, Sarah Gotheridge
302 18/03/1883 Joseph Holland 25 Bachelor Miner Heage John Holland Miner Mary Twigg 24 Widow Heage William Matthews Miner Joseph Barnes, Mary Holland (her X mark)
303 20/03/1883 John Sanderson 28 Bachelor Labourer Tollerton William Sanderson Dealer Martha Needham 23 Spinster Heage William Needham Miner Jospeh W Smith, Lucy Harriet Severn
304 26/03/1883 Edward Bramley 22 Bachelor Schoolmaster Bolsover Robert Bramley Miner Lucy Glossop 21 Spinster Heage Joseph Glossop Builder Joseph Glossop, Hannah Scott Glossop
305 14/05/1883 George William Woolley 24 Bachelor Wiredressser Ashover Thomas Woolley Lead Smelter Mary Ann Elson 22 Spinster Heage Henry Elson Engineer Henry Elson, Eliza Boot
306 16/05/1883 George Slater 22 Bachelor Driller Pentrich Matthew Slater Smelter Louisa Street 21 Spinster Heage Herbert Street Miner Herbert Street, Mary L….ton
307 27/05/1883 George Smith 54 Widower Labourer Heage Sidney Smith Labourer Elizabeth Bradley 44 Spinster Heage James Bradley Labourer Herbert Street, Eliza Smith
308 03/06/1883 John Bradley 25 Bachelor Engine Tender Heage Thomas Bradley Horse-dealer Ruth Coope 23 Spinster Heage Thomas Coope Miner Joseph Burgoyne, Ann Wainwright
309 04/06/1883 William Taylor 22 Bachelor Labouer Heage George Taylor Labouer Susannah Parkes 18 Spinster Heage Thomas Parkes Labourer George William Woolly, Mary Ann Woolly
310 25/06/1883 Charles Daft 21 Bachelor Fitter's Labourer North Wingfield William Daft Blacksmith Hannah Stone 21 Spinster Heage Joseph Stone Miner James Stone, Mary Bradley
311 08/07/1883 William Aldred 19 Bachelor Miner Heage Susannah Hunt 20 Spinster Heage Godfrey Hunt Labourer Joseph Burns, Mary Holland (her X mark)
312 23/07/1883 Frederick William Kirkland 23 Bachelor Rope & Twine Maker Belper William Kirkland Rope & Twine Maker Hannah Winson Shore Lynam 27 Spinster Heage John Shore Lynam Farmer John Shore Lynam, Priscilla Shore Lynam
313 04/08/1883 Henry Slater 20 Bachelor Pipe-moulder Pentrich Matthew Slater Engine Tender Kate Smith Bown 20 Spinster Heage George Smith Farmer Matthew Smith Bown, Eliza Smith Bown
314 27/08/1883 Aldred Dye 22 Bachelor Miner Heage William Dye Engine Wright Eliza Evans 17 Spinster Heage James Evans Miner Isaac Hargreaves (his X mark), Martha Stairmaud (her X mark
315 30/08/1883 Thomas Sidda Full Bachelor Farmer Warsop John Sidda Farmer Ann Wild Full Spinster Heage Job Wild Coal Merchant George Wild, Harriet Wild
316 01/10/1883 Henry Longden 29 Bachelor Miner Calow Henry Longden Miner Ann Swift 22 Spinster Heage John Swift Miner Henry Reddish, Sarah Swift
317 09/10/1883 Joseph Hogg 21 Bachelor Labouer Heage James Hogg Plate layer Eliza Smith Bowne 6 Spinster Heage George Smith Labourer Matthew Smith Bowne, Clara Smith Bowne
318 21/10/1883 Joseph Bourne 20 Bachelor Miner Ripley Thomas Bourne Boot Maker Mary Holland 23 Spinster Heage John Holland Miner John Robinson, Annie Bourne
319 23/10/1883 Wilson Hill 23 Bachelor Collier Ripley Henry Hill Collier Hannah Weston 21 Spinster Heage John Weston Blacksmith Horatio Walters, Emma Weston
320 23/10/1883 Joseph Burgoyne 21 Bachelor Miner Ripley Luke Burgoyne Brick Maker Ann Wainwright 21 Spinster Heage John Wainwright Miner John Bradley (his X mark), Ruth Bradley
321 31/10/1883 William Needham 22 Bachelor Collier Belper Frederick Needham Potter Mary Ann Richards 21 Spinster Heage Frederick James Richards Green Grocer Jacob Richards (his X mark), Thomas B Allcock)
322 15/12/1883 Edmund Rowley 40 Widower Miner Eastwood Thomas Rowley Miner Caroline Pearson 25 Spinster Heage William Pearson Brickmaker Robert Williams (his X mark), Ellen Williams (her X mark)
323 31/12/1883 Henry Ludlam 20 Bachelor Engine Driver Ripley Thomas Ludlam Engine Driver Evalina Brown 19 Spinster Heage Thomas Brown Labourer German Key, Hannah Elizabeth Smith Beighton
324 01/01/1884 William Radford 33 Widower Joiner Crich Thomas Radford Sawyer Elizabeth Airey 29 Widow Heage Geroge White Farmer Timothy Marples Jepson, Mary Radford
325 02/03/1884 Richard Austin Barnes 20 Bachelor Miner Blackwell George Barnes Miner Martha Clark 18 Spinster Heage Sampson Clark Miner Frederick James Clark, Elizabeth Ford
326 26/03/1884 Frank Fletcher 23 Bachelor Clerk Heage William Fletcher Farmer Sarah Allsop 22 Spinster Heage Thomas Allsop Farmer Thomas Allsop, Harriet Allsop
327 31/03/1884 John Goodwin 18 Bachelor Miner Heage William Goodwin Labouer Abigail Ann Twigg 20 Spinster Heage George Twigg Labourer John Stone (his X mark), Emma Bilby (her X mark)
328 11/04/1884 Samuel Booth 19 Bachelor Wire drawer Heage Charles Booth Police Constable Martha Stone 21 Spinster Heage Samuel Stone Miner Samson Johson, Eliza Booth
329 26/05/1884 John Thompson 26 Bachelor Signalman Heage William Thompson Farmer Sarah Ann Shipley 20 Spinster Heage William Shipley Watchmaker William Shipley, Emma Shipley
330 01/06/1884 John Butterton 21 Bachelor Collier Heage John Brooks Labouer Ann Coope 22 Spinster Heage John Coope Miner William Coope, Mary Ann Kirkland
331 02/06/1884 Joseph Walker 20 Bachelor Collier Ripley John Walker Labouer Elizabeth Bradley 20 Spinster Heage Geroge Bradley Collier Isaac Sanders, Harriett Boot (her X Mark)
332 02/06/1884 Thomas Gration 21 Bachelor Labouer Heage Thomas Taylor Labouer Elizabeth Litchfield 22 Spinster Heage James Litchfield Nail Maker Thomas Litchfield, Selina Harrison
333 22/06/1884 William Spray 19 Bachelor Collier Heage James Spray Collier Priscilla Stone 18 Spinster Heage Joel Stone Collier James Stone, Ellen Spray
334 25/08/1884 Benjamin Ottowell 20 Bachelor Collier Heage Samuel Ottowell Collier Charlotte Stone 21 Spinster Heage Samuel Stone Blacksmith Francis Weston, Mary Ann Stone
335 08/09/1884 Henry Gration 25 Bachelor Miner Heage John Gration Miner Charlotte Sellars 28 Spinster Heage Richard Sellars Boot-maker John Brown, Annie Sellars Hanford
336 09/09/1884 George Henry Herring 22 Bachelor Engine-tender Ripley George Herring Engine-tender Lydia Poplar 20 Spinster Heage William Poplar Plate layer George Poplar, Ada Poyser
337 14/09/1884 John Frederick Webster 30 Bachelor Labouer Heage John Webster Forgeman Emma Elson 28 Spinster Heage Henry Elson Engineer Henry Elson, Mary Ann Nally
338 20/09/1884 John Clark 21 Bachelor Wheelwright Heage Samuel Clark Publican Hannah Bradley 22 Spinster Heage Thomas Bradley Labourer William Bradley, Mary Hinds
339 29/09/1884 John Henry Reddish 24 Bachelor Miner Calow James Reddish Labouer Mary Ann Hawkins 19 Spinster Heage Thomas Hawkins Miner Arthur Reddish, Esther Jane Hawkins
340 13/10/1884 John Holland 23 Bachelor Collier Heage John Holland Collier Sarah Cooper 18 Spinster Crich Jabez Cooper Labourer Philip Cooper, Elizabeth Cooper
341 19/10/1884 Samuel Gotheridge 24 Bachelor Miner Heage Samuel Gotheridge Miner Sarah Bonsall 26 Spinster Heage James Bradley Boatman William Sparkham (his X mark), Emily Bonsall
342 19/10/1884 William Sparkam 20 Bachelor Miner Heage Giles Sparkam Miner Emily Bonsall 20 Spinster Heage James Bradley Boatman Samuel Gotheridge (his X mark), Sarah Gotheridge (her X mark)
343 07/12/1884 Geroge Beardsley 18 Bachelor Miner Heage George Beardsley Labouer Mary Jane Wright 18 Spinster Heage James Wright Miner James Street, Elizabeth Ford
344 25/12/1884 John Lambert 24 Bachelor Labouer Pentrich Alfred Lambert Labouer Emma Lambert 24 Spinster Heage Jenry Lambert Labourer Henry Walters, Fanny Lambert
345 25/12/1884 William Rowley 29 Bachelor Miner Pilsley James Rowley Miner Ann Brown 25 Spinster Heage David Wainwright Miner William Wainwright, Harriet Wainwright (her X mark)
346 19/01/1885 William Steeples 19 Bachelor Labouer Pentrich Stephen Steeples Labouer Elizabeth Wain 19 Spinster Heage William Wain Collier Robert Wain (his X mark), Phobe Steeples
347 08/03/1885 James Slack 25 Bachelor Farmer Heage James Slack Farmer Ellen Poplar 24 Spinster Heage John Poplar Line Dresser George Henry Herring, Lydia Herring
348 29/03/1885 George Yeomans 20 Bachelor Collier Pentrich William Yeomans Collier Rebecca Gotheridge 22 Spinster Heage Samuel Gotheridge Collier William Yeomans, Anne Elliott
349 07/05/1885 John Hill Full Bachelor Brewer Derby John Hill Publican Mary Potter Full Spinster Heage Sampson Potter Farmer Sampson Potter, Ellen Potter
350 06/07/1885 Jacob Richards 21 Bachelor Sweep Heage Frederick James Richards Grocer Mary Smith 20 Spinster Belper Aaron Smith Nail maker William Needham, Mary Ann Needham
351 15/09/1885 Edward Parry Stevenson 28 Bachelor Broker Isleworth Thomas Stevenson Merchant Annie Louisa Frost 26 Spinster Heage Henry Clayton Frost Merchant Frederick J Stevenson, Sarah Frost, H L Stevenson, R A Stevenson
352 21/09/1885 James Richards Full Widower Green Grocer Heage Thomas Richards Blacksmith Eliza Wright Full Widow Heage William Street Miner James Street, Mary Richards (her X mark)
353 24/09/1885 Willaim Pridmore 21 Bachelor Dealer Deeping St James Thomas Pridmore Dealer Fanny Barlow 21 Spinster Heage John Barlow Farmer John Barlow, Sarah Ann Barlow
354 21/11/1885 Frederick Smith 24 Bachelor Wire-drawer Heage John Fox Labouer Rebecca Walker Blackham 21 Spinster Heage Geroge Blackham Points man John Fox, Ann Hall
355 21/12/1885 William Hemmings 27 Bachelor Railway Porter Ambergate in Heage William Hemmings Labouer Mary Ann Steeples 20 Spinster Ambergate in Heage Stephen Steeples Siganl-man Thomas Smith Steeples, Lydia Steeples
356 25/12/1885 William Barlow 23 Bachelor Collier Heage John Barlow Carpenter Salome Riley 20 Spinster Belper Henry Riley Nailer George Caladine (his X mark), Mary Coope
357 31/01/1886 James Sparham 23 Bachelor Collier Heage George Sparham Collier Mary Ann Spray 22 Spinster Heage Samuel Spray Labourer Herbert Street, Harriett Spray
358 01/03/1886 Henry Key 23 Bachelor Miner Heage Henry Key Miner Sarah Alldred 22 Spinster Heage Robert Alldred Miner Robert Alldred, Sarah Key
359 15/03/1886 Samuel White 21 Bachelor Ostler Norton George White Farmer Matidla Booth 22 Spinster Heage Charles Booth Constable George Rowland Greenhalgh, Harriet Ann White
360 04/04/1886 William Hawkins 34 Bachelor Miner Heage Thomas Hawkins Miner Ellen Redfern 37 Widow Heage William Allsop Book keeper Herbert Street, Mary Stone
361 08/04/1886 John Allsop 22 Bachelor Miner Heage Thomas Allsop Farmer Sarah Ann Barlow 18 Spinster Heage John Barlow Farmer John Barlow, Harriet Allsop
362 22/06/1886 William Melbourne 40 Bachelor Grocer Ripley John Melbourne Grocer Mary Cupit 26 Spinster Heage John Cupit Farmer John Melbourne, Elizabeth Cupit
363 25/08/1886 John Montagu Cadman 30 Bachelor Clerk in Holy Orders St Matthews Vicarage, Mornington London SE William Cadman Clerk in Holy Orders Annie Sophie Mosse 28 Spinster Heage Rectory Henry Moore Mosse Clerk in Holy Orders William George Mosse,Henry M Mosse,Edwd H Mosse,Lucy Scott,Felicia Cad
364 11/09/1886 John Eley 25 Bachelor Joiner Matlock Stephen Eley Joiner Lydia Allen 27 Spinster Heage James Allen Labourer Albert ,,,,,, Wilkins, Annie Eley
365 27/09/1886 William Frearson 25 Bachelor Signalman Tideswell Charles Frearson Labouer Louisa Wright 23 Spinster Heage Richard Wright Labourer James Birley, Elizabeth Frearson
366 17/10/1886 William Matthews 25 Bachelor Collier Ripley John Matthews Labouer Pamela Sparham 21 Spinster Heage George Sparham Collier James Stocks (his X mark), Harriet Sparham
367 19/10/1886 German Key 22 Bachelor Boatman Heage Geroge Key Boatman Harriet Elizabeth Smith Beighton 20 Spinster Heage Joseph Beighton Miller Wiliam Beighton, Sylvia Key
368 06/12/1886 Ferdinand Stone 20 Bachelor Wire-drawer Heage Hiram Stone Publican Sarah Ellen Beighton 18 Spinster Heage Joseph Beighton Collier William Barber (his X mark), Annie Lynam (her X mark)
369 25/12/1886 Joseph Spendlove Full Widower Boot Maker Long Eaton Geroge Spendlove Labouer Elizabeth Abbott Full Spinster Heage William Abbott Frame Work Knitter Matthew Abbott, Hannah Cooper
370 27/12/1886 George Ward 24 Bachelor Butcher Matlock Bank Thomas Ward Butcher Helen Cupit 23 Spinster Heage John Cupit Farmer Frank Ward, Lizzie Cupit
371 02/03/1887 Samuel Taylor 21 Bachelor Labouer Heage Thomas Taylor Labouer Ann Elizabeth Smith 20 Spinster Heage Samuel …. Smith Shoemaker Thomas Smith, Millicent Robinson
372 08/04/1887 Geoge Barlow 20 Bachelor Miner Heage Samuel Calladine Miner Mary Coope 20 Spinster Heage Thomas Coope Miner Albert Twigg (his X mark), Ada Blount
373 09/04/1887 Thomas Marriott 20 Bachelor Pot-setter Heanor Thomas Marriott Miner Eliza Booth 20 Spinster Heage Charles Booth Constable George Marriott, Millicent Webster
374 20/06/1887 Thomas Henry Williams 20 Bachelor Collier Heage Robert Williams Railway Labourer Elizabeth Walker 21 Spinster Heage Henry Walker Collier Samuel Williams, Fanny Walker
375 25/07/1887 Arthur Reddish 24 Bachelor Boiler Maker Calow, Chesterfield James Reddish Labourer Ester Jane Hawkins 19 Spinster Heage Thomas Hawkins Miner John Henry Reddish, Mary Ann Reddish
376 01/08/1887 Luke Kenyon F Widower Labourer Heage Luke Kenyon Boatman Martha Ann Thomas F Spinster Heage James Thomas Labourer William Storer, Mary Street
377 22/08/1887 Walter Pickard 20 Bachelor Wire drawer Heage Thomas Pickard Labourer Emma Vallance 21 Spinster Heage William Vallance Miner James Litchfield, Ann Sarah Pickard
378 12/09/1887 George Blackham 21 Bachelor Labourer Heage George Blackham Pointsman Salome Machin 25 Spinster Heage Edward Machin Railway Inspector Frederick Smith (his X mark), Iris Machin
379 26/10/1887 Bernard Glossop 22 Bachelor Builder Heage Joseph Glossop Builder Elizabeth Tongue 21 Spinster Heage William Tongue Signal Man William Tongue, Hannah Scott Glossop
380 08/11/1887 Samuel Carter Harrison 24 Bachelor Blacksmith Fowlesworth William Harrison Farmer Lucy Harriet Severn 23 Spinster Heage Joseph Wrigley Severn Grocer Charles Payne, Margaret Hale Payne, Gabriel Frank Whitehead
381 05/02/1888 William Fullwood F Widower Collier Heage Cornelius Fullwood Engine Man Mary Rebecca Walker F Widow Heage George Bunting Collier James Fullwood (his X mark), Mary Alice Walker
382 13/02/1888 Thomas Page 23 Bachelor B St John, Derby Thomas Page Gardener Emily Walker 25 Spinster Heage Thomas Walker Carrier Charles Dunn, Mary Ann Dunn
383 26/06/1888 Jesse Jephson 23 Bachelor Collier Heage James Kirkland Collier Hannah Riley 23 Spinster Heage George Alton Publican Charles Riley, Sarah Alton
384 05/04/1888 William Bowmer 23 Bachelor Groom Ripley Isaac Statham Bowmer Farmer Eliza Walker 24 Spinster Heage Samuel Walker Farmer Joseph Rickards, Emma Bunting
385 16/04/1888 John Hargreaves F Widower Collier Heage Isaac Hargreaves Labourer Martha Steirmand F Widow Heage Oliver Rodgers Nailmaker Aaron Rodgers (his X mark), Emma Rodgers
386 20/05/1888 Albert Burford 21 Bachelor Labourer Heage Joseph Burford Labourer Mary Beighton 23 Spinster Heage Isaac Beighton Ganger James Beighton, Emma Burford
387 21/05/1888 William Barber 25 Bachelor Wire-drawer Heage William Barber Stone-mason Annie Lynam 25 Spinster Heage William Lynam Labourer John Goldby (his X mark), Martha Goldby
388 21/05/1888 Samuel Bestall 20 Bachelor Labourer Belper Griffin Bestall Fame Work Knitter Sarah Ann Cooper 24 Spinster Heage John Cooper Labourer Alfred Slater (his X mark), Elizabeth Cooper
389 22/05/1888 George Ellis 26 Bachelor Wire-drawer Heage Catherine Stone 25 Spinster Heage Benjamin Edward Stone Check Weightman Albert Edward Stone, Edith Ann Stone
390 11/10/1888 William Marsh 42 Widower Herbalist Heage James Marsh B..ar Mary Martin Young 38 Spinster South Wingfield John Young Baker Samuel Melbourne, Bessie Isherwood
391 03/12/1888 George Clark 20 Bachelor Publican Heage Samuel Clark Publican Edith Ann Stone 23 Spinster Heage Benjamin Edward Stone Miner Albert Edward Stone, Annie Sophia Clark
392 24/12/1888 Randle Gaunt 23 Bachelor Farmer Heage Robert Gaunt Farmer Martha Louisa Buckley 20 Spinster Belper Samuel Noah Buckley Collier William Gaunt, Elizabeth Ann Walker
393 21/01/1889 Samuel Ottowell 21 Bachelor Collier Heage Samuel Ottowell Collier Mary Allen 20 Spinster Heage Samuel Allen Collier Amos Ottowell, Ruth Brown Allen
394 19/03/1889 William Wainwright 20 Bachelor Collier Heage Samuel Wainwright Grocer Frances Lambert 22 Spinster Heage Alfred Lambert Brick maker Thomas Lambert, Annie Wainwright
395 08/07/1889 William Hayte 24 Bachelor Driller Darwell, Sheffield John James Hayte Blacksmith Edith Edwards 23 Spinster Heage Charles Edwards Signal-man Alfred Maskrey, Alice Cooper
396 12/08/1889 George Hepes 22 Bachelor Miner Heage Wiliam Hepes Miner Sarah Watson 20 Spinster Heage Charles Watson Mill-Hand John Hepes, Rebecca Hargreaves
397 15/09/1889 William Wainwright 27 Bachelor Time Keeper at Wire Works Heage Samuel Wainwright Collier Alice Hinds 25 Spinster Heage William Hinds Collier George Wainwright, Mary Hinds
398 15/09/1889 John Radcliffe 23 Bachelor Wire-drawer Ambergate Robert Radcliffe Wire Welder Frances Ellen Evans 20 Spinster Ambergate John Evans Manager at Wire Works John Evans, Harriett Stone
399 23/10/1889 William Alfred Street 24 Bachelor Miner Heage Herbert Street Miner Harriet Sparham 22 Spinster Heage George Sparham Miner Thomas Street, Mary Ann Wain
400 25/12/1889 John Brown 28 Bachelor Fireman Heage John Brown Miner Ellen Bowmer 30 Spinster Heage George Bowmer Engine Driver George Bowmer, Dorothy Bowmer
401 04/03/1890 Joseph Wright 25 Bachelor Miner Heage Jospeh Wright Miner Mary Ann Wain 28 Spinster Heage William Wain Inn-Keeper William Wain, Mary Ann Wright
402 21/04/1890 Thomas Coope 21 Bachelor Miner Heage William Coope Miner Elizabeth Williams 19 Spinster Heage Robert Williams Workman under Mildand Railway Company Thomas Holland, Susannah Jackson
403 02/05/1890 Anthony Brooks 24 Bachelor Collier Ripley Samuel Brooks Miner Emily Wright 18 Spinster Heage James Wright Miner Samuel Brooks, Martha Bramley
404 15/06/1890 William Brown 26 Bachelor Miner Heage John Brown Miner Mary Ann Belfield Stone 25 Spinster Heage Edward Stone Miner William Stone, Sarah Ellen Stone
405 30/06/1890 Joseph Ryley 34 Widower Labourer Heage Henry Ryley Nailmaker Millicent Louisa Fletcher 19 Spinster Ironville John Fletcher Engine Driver William Barlow (his X mark)m Salome Barlow (her X mark)
406 06/09/1890 George Edward Yates 24 Bachelor Surveyor Derby George Yates Mason Mary Walker 23 Spinster Heage Thomas Walker Gardener James Yates, Nellie L…ley
407 10/09/1890 Charles Joseph Else 25 Bachelor Gentleman Bullbridge William Else Merchant Hannah Scott Glossop 24 Spinster Ambergate Joseph Glossop Gentleman Joseph Glossop, Grace Elizabeth Glossop
408 28/09/1890 Edward Murfin 20 Bachelor Collier Ripley Enoch Murfin Farmer Sarah Clark 19 Spinster Heage Joseph Clark Collier Edward J….r, Fanny Gration
409 09/11/1890 Martin Rhodes 26 Bachelor Collier Ripley Thomas Rhodes Labourer Eliza Stone 22 Spinster Heage Edward Swift, Ellen Leam
410 03/12/1890 Benjamin Amott 33 Bachelor Engine Man Eastwood James Amott Wood-Turner Mary Ann Wright 33 Spinster Heage Joseph Wright Miner Joseph Wright, Ellen Wright
411 27/01/1891 William John Whitby 23 Bachelor Police Man Eckington James Whitby Gentleman Annie Rebecca Sims 24 Spinster Ambergate Herbert Samuel Sims Superintendant of Police William Sims, Martha Anne Sims
412 09/02/1891 Thomas Street 22 Bachelor Miner Heage Herbert Street Labourer Elizabeth Wolstenholme 23 Spinster Heage George Wolstenholme Labourer William Alfred Street, Rhoda Hannah Wolstenholme
413 06/04/1891 William Bradley 31 Widower Wire-drawer Heage Thomas Bradley Labourer Annie Briggs 30 Spinster Belper William Briggs Cutter Hiram Howitt, Hannah Clark
414 19/10/1891 Samuel Barlow 20 Bachelor Miner Heage Samuel Calladine Miner Betsy Bowmer 18 Spinster Heage Benjamin Bowmer Miner John Goodwin (his X mark), Rebecca Sutton
415 19/10/1891 Francis Newton 28 Bachelor Miner Heage Francis Newton Miner Susannah Bonsall 20 Spinster Heage James Bradley Miner George Stanley, Emily Varney
416 08/11/1891 Willaim Harrison 22 Bachelor Labourer Belper William Harrison Nail Maker Matilda Martin 21 Spinster Heage Thomas Martin Labourer John Goadby, Mary Ann Martin
417 23/11/1891 Joseph Stone 26 Bachelor Collier Heage John Stone Collier Ellen Hawkins 20 Spinster Heage Thomas Hawkins Collier Benjamin George Stone, Martha Hawkins
418 25/12/1891 John Thomas Bott 21 Bachelor Collier Heage John Bott Collier Fanny Stone 19 Spinster Heage Joel Stone Collier Elijah Weightman, Mary Ann Stone
419 25/12/1891 Richard Peden 24 Bachelor Glazier Milford Richard Peden Frame Work Knitter Harriet Hardy 25 Spinster Heage George Hardy Miner George Hardy, Emma Key
420 25/12/1891 Alfred James Fortnam 22 Bachelor Signal-man Ambergate William Fortnam Horse Trainer Lydia Steeples 23 Spinster Ambergate Stephen Steeples Signal Man Walter Steeples, Mary Ann Hemmings
421 18/01/1892 George Thomas Drinkwater 24 Bachelor Shunter on Midland Railway Old Whittington near Chesterfield Thomas Drinkwater Labourer Hannah Sophia Whawell 24 Spinster Heage William Whawell Wheelwright John James Whawell, Betsy Ellen Whawell
422 27/02/1892 Samuel Murfin 21 Bachelor Miner Ripley Samuel Murfin Miner Harriet Beardsley 23 Spinster Heage George Beardsley Labourer Isaac Murfin, Elizabeth Keeling
423 21/03/1892 Thomas Oakley Litchfield 28 Bachelor Collier Heage James Litchfield Farmer Mary Elizabeth Hogg 22 Spinster Heage James Hogg Plate Layer Samuel Litchfield, Esther Mary Litchfield
424 17/04/1892 Samuel Butler 27 Bachelor Collier Kilburn Joseph Butler Collier Mary Ann Brown 20 Spinster Heage John Brown Collier John Brown, Sarah Butler
425 27/04/1892 Sidney Arthur Moore 31 Bachelor Railway Servant Ambergate in Heage Arthur Henry Moore Carpenter Mary Elizabeth Hinds 29 Spinster Heage William Hinds Collier William Wainwright, Alice Wainwright
426 05/06/1892 Joseph Wood 20 Bachelor Platelayer Riddings John Wood Engine Driver Esther Mary Litchfield 20 Heage James Litchfield Farmer Samuel Litchfield, Sarah Ann Mills
427 06/06/1892 Joseph Clay 21 Bachelor Greengrocer Ripley Joseph Clay Greengrocer Marha Herrett 21 Spinster Heage Alfred Herrett Butcher John Charles Slack, Elizabeth Slack
428 08/06/1892 Isaac Parkin Murfin 23 Bachelor Miner Ripley Samuel Murfin Miner Elizabeth Keeling 20 Spinster Heage Joseph Wright, Sarah Ann Murfin (her X mark)
429 06/03/1893 Samuel Winson 26 Bachelor Joiner Ambergate Samuel Winson Blacksmith Alice Maria Hatfield 23 Spinster Ambergate William Hatfield Tailor John Winson, Charlotte Emma Winson
430 03/04/1893 Isaac Rodgers 21 Bachelor Wire-drawer Sawmills, Ambergate Amos Rodgers Labourer Eliza Rodgers 23 Spinster Sawmills, Ambergate Job Rodgers Labourer William Curzon, Ellen Webster Walters
431 03/04/1893 Joseph Land 29 Bachelor Labourer Ridgeway Joseph Land Stone-Mason Mary Cauldwell 28 Spinster Ridgeway William Cauldwell Labourer Albert Henry Lynam, Rhoda Clara Street
432 22/05/1893 Charles Lloyd 23 Bachelor Wire-drawer Ambergate William Lloyd Wire-drawer Phobe Banks 22 Spinster Ambergate Richard Banks Joiner John Richard Banks, Hannah Blackham
433 22/05/1893 William Brown 24 Bachelor Labourer Heage Thomas Brown Labourer Ann Bates 21 Spinster Heage Thomas Bates Carter Jethro Cooper, Emma Harrison
434 03/07/1893 Luke Wainwright 22 Bachelor Miner Heage David Wainwright Miner Alice Elizabeth Ruth Stone 22 Spinster Heage Ephraim Stone Miner Charles Booth, Christiana Stone
435 14/09/1893 William Spendlove 29 Bachelor Joiner Duffield Robert Spendlove Farmer Alice Allsop 24 Spinster Heage Thomas Allsop Farmer Thomas Allsop, Harriett Ellen Holmes
436 24/10/1893 George Henry Key 21 Bachelor Manager of Colour Works Ridgeway, Ambergate George Key Boatman Sarah Elizabeth Hodgkinson 22 Spinster Heage Joseph Hodgkinson Labourer William Wildsmith Hodgkinson, Lucy Bramley
437 25/10/1893 Albert England 29 Bachelor Machinist Heage John England Miner Rhoda Hannah Wolstenholme 24 Spinster Heage George Wolstenholme Farm Labourer Obed Edom Wolstenholme, Annie Julia Wolstenholme
438 11/11/1893 Thomas Turner 22 Bachelor Labourer Hazlewood George Turner Farmer Sarah Elizabeth Hackman 20 Spinster Heage George Hackman Team Examiner George Hackman, Mary Alice Turner
439 13/12/1893 Samuel Litchfield 23 Bachelor Collier Heage James Litchfield Farmer Sarah Ann Mills 20 Spinster Heage John Mills Miner Edwin Mills, Mary Mills
440 23/12/1893 Edwin Heath 26 Bachelor Bricklayer Allestree Edwin Heath Bricklayer Mary Hannah Allsop 28 Spinster Heage William Allsop Engine Driver Lizzie Heath, Aaron Allsop
441 25/12/1893 William Storer 21 Bachelor Miller Crich Albert Storer Sone Mason Susannah Jane Shore 20 Spinster Heage John Shore Miner Edwin Mills, Mary Ann Martin
442 25/12/1893 Aldred Milward 19 Bachelor Collier Denby William Milward Collier Addie Bertha Clark 20 Spinster Heage William Clark Bootmaker Henry Bonser, Ruth Brown Allen
443 25/12/1893 Samuel Martin 27 Bachelor Labourer Heage Daniel Martin Labourer Elizabeth Cooper 24 Spinster Heage John Cooper Miner John J Storer, Hannah Sophia Cooper
444 05/02/1894 Ephraim Stone 20 Bachelor Collier Heage Joseph Stone Collier Fanny Stone 20 Spinster Belper William Stone Brickmaker John Seal, Mary Stone
445 26/03/1894 William Crowder 22 Bachelor Collier Ault Huckmall William Crowder Labourer Mary Ann Allen 20 Spinster Heage Joseph Allen Labourer Charles Allen, Annie Crowder
446 07/04/1894 George Key 23 Bachelor Wire Dresser Heage Joseph Key Signalman Sarah Beighton 23 Spinster Heage Isaac Beighton Foreman Joseph Key, Hannah Beighton
447 14/05/1894 William Goodwin 28 Bachelor Labourer Wessington Humphrey Goodwin Farmer Rachel Ann Lemon 25 Spinster Heage Frederick Lemon Vetinarary Surgeon Thomas Goodwin, Lucy Emma Goodwin
448 28/05/1894 John Froggatt 29 Widower Miner Whittington William Froggatt Miner Elizabeth Storer 19 Spinster Heage William Storer Farmer John Storer, Winnie Tubbs
449 03/06/1894 Henry Bridges 24 Bachelor Factory Hand Belper George Bridges Store-Keeper Sarah Ellen Stone 27 Spinster Heage Edward Stone Miner James Bridges, Mary Ann Brown (her X mark)
450 17/06/1894 David Wainwright 25 Bachelor Miner Heage David Wainwright Plate-Layer Mary Elizabeth Beighton 20 Spinster Heage Joseph Beighton Miner William Dakin, Hannah Sophia Dakin
451 03/07/1894 Francis Clark 19 Bachelor Farmer Heage Samuel Clark Publican Rhoda Clara Street 19 Spinster Heage Herbert Street Sexton Arthur Street, Martha Clark
452 17/07/1894 Walter Wildsmith Hodgkinson 25 Bachelor Labourer Heage Joseph Hodgkinson Farmer Lucy Bramley 23 Spinster Heage Joseph Bramley Butcher Geroge Henry Key, Sarah Elizabeth Key, Annie Wainwright
453 16/08/1894 William Henry Payne 23 Bachelor Railway Servant Cudworth William Payne Police Superintendent Sarah Ingman 22 Spinster Ambergate Francis Ingman Joiner Thomas Harper, Nellie Ingman
454 25/08/1894 Joseph Allsop 25 Bachelor Weighman Heage William Allsop Carter Esther Stoppard 23 Spinster Heage Joseph Stoppard Miner John G Stoppard, Mary Allsop
455 28/08/1894 Cornelius Fullwood 22 Bachelor Miner Upper Hartshay, Ripley William Fullwood Miner Millicent Bradley 21 Spinster Heage George Bradley Boatman Luke Wainwright, Martha Bradley
456 19/09/1894 Thomas Allsop 24 Bachelor Butcher Heage Thomas Allsop Farmer Dorothy Bowmer 24 Spinster Heage George Bowmer Engine-Worker George Bowmer, Winifred Allsop
457 01/10/1894 Jethro Cooper 19 Bachelor Collier Heage Joseph Cooper Farmer Emma Harrison 21 Spinster Heage Thomas Harrison Miner Thomas Leam, Rose Hannah Booth
458 12/12/1894 Elias Whawell 21 Bachelor Stoker Ripley Elias Whawell Labourer Gertrude Florence Kate Payne 21 Spinster Heage Joseph Payne Farmer Joseph Payne, Alice Williams
459 02/02/1895 John Henry Wagstaff 26 Bachelor Sawyer Heage John Wagstaff Labourer Matilda Newton 21 Spinster Heage Adam Newton Lead Smelter Robert Wagstaff, Alice Taylor
460 10/02/1895 George Daniel 21 Bachelor Ironworker Ripley Henry Daniel Gardener Mary Ann Leam 24 Spinster Heage Thomas Leam Collier Frederick Daniel, Margaret Leam
461 20/03/1895 Samuel Lilley 21 Bachelor Miner Heage Alfred Lilley Miner Mary Britland 24 Spinster Heage John Britland Factory Hand William Brown, Catherine Elizabeth Lilley
462 12/04/1895 Francis Parkin 32 Bachelor Miner Ripley Stephen Parkin Miner Sarah Ann Booth 26 Spinster Heage Charles Booth Constable Charles Booth, Kate Booth
463 12/04/1895 Thomas Leam 21 Bachelor Miner Heage Israel Leam Miner Rose Hannah Booth 21 Spinster Heage Charles Booth Constable Charles Booth, Kate Booth
464 11/05/1895 William Allen 24 Bachelor Labourer Heage Samuel Allen Labourer Hannah Ford 21 Spinster Heage William Ford Labourer Isaac William Ford, Emma Ford
465 31/05/1895 William Marchant F Widower Manufacturer Hinckley Frederick Marchant Gentleman Martha Annie Richardson F Spinster Heage Rectory Joseph Lazarius Richardson Gentleman Frederick William Marchant, Sarah Ann Tindall
466 19/06/1895 Arthur Quinby 23 Bachelor Shunter Midland Railway Ambergate Ralph Quinby Inspector L.W.R.W.Rly Frances Flint 21 Spinster Ambergate Francis Flint Foreman John Green, Charlotte Emma Winson
467 29/07/1895 John Ford 24 Bachelor Wire-turner Heage William Ford Labourer Hannah Cooper 23 Spinster Heage Thomas Cooper Labourer William Cooper, Caroline Abbott
468 01/08/1895 David Wainwright F S Florist Heage David Wainwright Contractor Mary Elizabeth Perkins F Spinster Heage Walter Perkins Carpenter James Fullward (his X mark), Hannah Fullward (her X mark)
469 03/06/1895 Samuel Butler 21 Bachelor Collier Denby George Butler Miner Polyxena Weightman 24 Spinster Heage Levi Weightman Miner Elijah Weightman, Lily Herring
470 19/09/1895 Joseph James Holmes 20 Bachelor Farmer Heage Common William Holmes Farmer Amy Bowmer 21 Spinster Heage Samuel Bowmer Miner Vincent Joseph Beardmore, Edith Ellen Beardmore
471 26/09/1895 John Clarke 21 Bachelor Bobbin Turner Sawmills Heage John Clarke Bobbin Turner Susannah Storer 23 Spinster Crich Isaac Storer Labourer Albert Storer, Elizabeth Clarke
472 28/10/1895 Robert Gardner 27 Bachelor Fisherman Morecambe James Gardner Fisherman Emma White 24 Spinster Nether Heage George White Farmer James White, Hannah White
473 25/12/1895 Thomas Parkin 26 Bachelor Boiler Maker Alfreton Thomas Parkin Miner Emma Key 25 Spinster Heage David Key Miner Edmund Parkin, May Ann Key
474 25/01/1896 Edward Coope 27 Bachelor Miner Heage Robert Coope Miner Eliza Clarke 29 Spinster Ripley Richard Clarke Miner Henry Swift Allsop, Elizabeth Coope
475 04/03/1896 Richard Charles Reeve 27 Railway Signalman B Ambergate Charles Reeve Bricklayer Charlotte Emma Winson 21 Spinster Ambergate Blacksmith Samuel Winson, Emma Poplar
476 18/05/1896 William Cooper 30 Bachelor Butcher Nether Heage Thomas Cooper Labourer Hannah White 22 Spinster Nether Heage George White Farmer James White, Hedley Henry, Sarah Ann White, Lydia Adams
477 25/05/1896 James Allsop 22 Bachelor Miner Morley Park Thomas Allsop Contractor Christiana Stone 22 Spinster Heage Ephraim Stone Collier Luke Wainwright, Sarah Stone
478 16/07/1896 Arthur Davis 23 Bachelor Engine Driver Ripley Henry David Foreman Emma Poplar 21 Spinster Heage William Poplar Plate Layer George Poplar, Ada Davis
479 29/07/1896 William Walter Vickers 26 Bachelor Bridge Inspector Derby Walter Vickers Bridge Inspector Grace Elizabeth Glossop 22 Spinster Ambergate in Heage Joseph Glossop Builder David Muirhead, Elizabeth Fay Wilmot, Gabriella Mary Vickers
480 29/07/1896 Walter Glossop 38 Bachelor Manufacturer Ambergate in Heage Joseph Glossop Builder Bertha Figgins 24 Spinster Crich Francis Figgins Commerical Traveller Edwin Glossop, Ada Figgins
481 08/08/1896 Henry Smith 27 Bachelor Miner Ripley William Smith Banksman Annie Holmes 29 Spinster Heage George Holmes Farm Labourer Thomas Holmes, Alice Smtih
482 19/08/1896 John Key 26 Bachelor Boatman Ridgeway George Key Boatman Annie Sophia Clark 25 Spinster Heage Samuel Clark Inn Keeper Thomas Key, Elizabeth Martha Judge
483 30/09/1896 James Clark 21 Bachelor Miner Heage Sampson Clark Miner Lily Blount 20 Spinster Heage Jedidiah Blount Miner Isaac William Blount, Susan Frances Mellors
484 03/10/1896 William Fletcher 19 Bachelor Ironworker Ripley Vincent Fletcher Collier Sarah Stone 18 Spinster Heage Ephraim Stone Collier Joseph Stone, Mahala Walker
485 18/10/1896 Samuel Smith 22 Bachelor Banksman Ripely William Smith Banksman Kathleen Coope 20 Spinster Heage John Coope Miner Thomas Holland, Mary Hannah Ottowell
486 24/10/1896 Oliver Fletcher 21 Bachelor Collier Greenwich in Ripley Richard Fletcher Collier Elizabeth Ellen Brown 22 Spinster Heage John Brown Collier
487 04/11/1896 William Bower Hinckley 38 Widower Tailor Chesterfield Joseph Hinckley Tailor Florence Polly Wain Byard 27 Spinster Heage Richard Byard Joiner Lorenzo Harry Hinckley, Annie Lilia Wain Byard
488 27/12/1896 George Clark 23 Bachelor Miner Heage Joseph Clark Miner Mary Wainwright 20 Spinster Heage David Wainwright Railway Servant Benjamin Clark (his X mark), Sarah Jane Blount
489 01/01/1897 Frank Tomlinson 22 Bachelor Clerk Litchurch, Derby Benjamin Tomlinson Gentleman Annie Shore 22 Spinster Heage Joseph Smith Shore Famer George N Edias, Sarah Annie Hill
490 10/01/1897 William England 22 Bachelor Wire-Drawer Heage Freeman England Miner Elizabeth Key 22 Spinster Heage David Key Miner James Bilbie, Florence Key
491 06/02/1897 Arthur Henshaw 26 Bachelor Painter Crich James Henshaw Machinist Elizabeth Fanny Ford 24 Spinster Heage William Ford Labourer Alfred Henshaw, Mabel Henshaw
492 02/03/1897 John Henry Stone 22 Bachelor Plate-layer Ambergate William Henry Stone Grocer Mary Ann Radcliffe 18 Spinster Ambergate Robert Radcliffe Wire-worker James William Radcliffe, Annie Brah
493 03/04/1897 Henry Swift Allsop 24 Bachelor Miner Heage William Allsop Engine Driver Elizabeth Coope 23 Spinster Heage Robert Coope Miner Walter Parkin, Martha E Coope
494 06/04/1897 Frederick Smith 21 Bachelor Clerk Ambergate John Smith Sub-Inspector Susan Ellen Rodgers 23 Spinster Ambergate (Heage Parish) Geroge Rodgers Inspector Joseph Kirkland,Florence Elizabeth Rodgers,Mary Anne Rodgers,George Ro
495 17/04/1897 Henry Walker 25 Bachelor Miner Heage Henry Walker Miner Agnes Butler 19 Spinster Heage Samuel Butler Miner Samuel Taylor, Annie Butler
496 08/05/1897 George Hodson 22 Bachelor Galvanizer Heage John Hodson Labourer Annie Stone 22 Spinster Heage William Stone Collier William Lynam, Johannah Jepson
497 29/05/1897 Benjamin Lee 22 Bachelor Miner Heage Reuben Lee Joiner Sarah Bonsall 18 Spinster Heage John Bonsall Miner George Bonsall, Nellie Hardy
498 07/06/1897 Thomas Key 23 Bachelor Wire-drawer Ridgeway, Heage George Key Boat Captain Elizabeth Martha Judge 24 Spinster Heage David Judge Miner German Key, Elise Judge