Geferey Spendlove
court case by his widow concerning land at Heage

To the King own Soveraigne Lord
Humbly complaining showeth unto your excellent highness your poore Oratrix Dionesse Butler late wife of GefereySpendlove late of Eaton Soken in the Countie of Bedfordshire descessed.That wheras certain land in hiedge within the countie of Derby discended and of right ought to discend by way of Inheritance unto the said Geffrey as son and heire unto Geffrey Spendlove late of Hiedge aforesaid disceased unto whome the said land being about the yearly value £50 did appertayne whereof also he died seised.The said Geffrey before he could conveniently repaire into the Countrey to take possession of his said Enheritance,also died,before whereof your said oratrix by the lawe of this your Majesties  Realie ought to be endowedw of the third parte of the said lande.Yet so it is gracueus soveraigne Lord,that James Spendlove brother and next heire (for the last of issue)unto the said Geffrey hath entred and take possession of the said land and the same occupieth and enjoyeth and hath doon the space of two years and  ??days?? now passed refusing to satisfie and contente your said orator for her said dowrye albeit she hath sundry tymes reasonably erquired the same.And for her remedy herin she is  nothable to court of your commenLawes In tendre considerations whereof it maye please your highness of your most habundant grace to direct you most____ lettres unto said James Spendlove commanding him thereby to satisfie and content  your said orator aswell for her said dowry as also for her reasonable costs susteyned in sute for the same through his occasion or Ells personally tappear before your highness and yo most honourable councill daily attending upon your most Royal  person in the 15th? of St Michaill Tharchangell next comming and there show a cause reasonable if he can why of right he owt not to do and your poore oratrix shall daily praye to God for the per___ protection of your most noble and Roiall  estate long to endure .

                                                                                                                                                             Eaton Socon ,Bedfordshire   REQ 2/114/56