The following is a list of the "Spendloves" who through unfortunate circumstances (basically they got caught)became entangled with the law. Thanks are owed to Gwenda Spendlove ,Charles Cook and Fred Clark who either researched or typed up this information.

William Spendlove of Surrey 1832
John Spendlove of Shottle 1837
William Spendlove charged with Manslaughter at Alderwadsley 1849
William Spendlove aquitted of Manslaughter Derby Assises 1850
William Spendlove Crich 1851
Theft from Gervase Spendlove of Crich
Horse stolen from Robert Spendlove jnr 1832
George Spendlove of Denby 1832
John Spendlove of Ashleyhay 1830